How to get rid of scars from bad cuts?

  1. I have two ugly red scars on my foot, and one on my knee from a fall a couple of months ago, would you gals have any advice? Would an OTC cream be good to clear it up, or would you reccomend seeing a doctor? Any experience with getting rid of scars?:shame:

  2. Oh boy, knees and feet seem to heal slowest of all! I'd suggest seeing a doctor...I might try using vitamin e (breaking open the capsules) and rubbing on, but that would depend on how deep the cut was and how far along it's healed over.
  3. there's a couple of products, one works for some people and not the other and vice versa. I've heard excellent IRL from real people reviews for :
    Scar Guard by Scar Care
    and ScarZone
  4. I just found out Scar Zone's active ingredients' pretty much function as SUNSCREENS!!! I have a bunch of scars from bug bites (ok from me scratching the bites)-- I tried Scar Zone for a while. They didn't seem to help.. now I know why.
    I would luv to see if there are other solutions!
    chanelissy-- The vitamin D thing might work since yr scar is relatively new. It's worth a try.
  5. I have very tender skin and as such bruise easily. I like Mederma but an even better product is the scar butter from It works amazingly well and is all natural but contains camphor so you can only use it when going to bed unless you like the smell of moth balls
  6. Carol's Daughter has really good products.
  7. I'm on a plastic surgery board and some of the girls have had extensive surgeries and SWEAR by Scar Zone. . . the sunscreen is supposed to lighten the scar.
    I use Scar Guard.
  8. Scar Guard, Scar Zone....oh my!:P
    Thanks for the tips!