How to get rid of mice


May 18, 2006
Toronto, Canada
Hi girls,

I'm not sure where to post this.. If this should be in the Animals forum, MODS please feel free to move it.

I'm living in a fairly new neighborhood. As in, construction is still going on across my street. It's also in a wooded area, away from the city. We keep our house pretty clean (as we're all clean freaks) so I'm not sure where these guys are coming from. I've spoken to some of the other neighbors and they've been having mice problems too.

We've tried glue boards and the mice now know how to get the food without getting stuck.. We're considering ultrasonic advices but they're not dog friendly and they also stop working after a while.

Any ideas on what else to do?

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Sep 20, 2006
East Bay, CA
A really fast cat?

I'm not keen on traps, I just don't think its humane. Perhaps you might be able to lure them outside somehow?


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Mar 31, 2006
A really fast cat?

I'm not keen on traps, I just don't think its humane. Perhaps you might be able to lure them outside somehow?
ITA! Especially those glue traps, those things are awful.:crybaby:
Here is a link that I found that list some humane ways of getting rid of mice to get you started.
You can do some more research if you want on humane ways to get rid of mice that doesn't harm them. Good luck!


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Aug 2, 2007
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Sorry I could care less about the humane method when it comes to mice.... A few months ago I had a similar problem....Also, a friend of mine had you EXACT problem.

Here's what I did:
Called the pest control company....they laid traps, poison, baits,etc (cause when you have ONE you actually have MANY).

those suckers ate a WHOLE pack of poison! We caught one with the trap....the poison, be careful if you have pet or put in areas where they cannot reach at all, or you could kill them.

I also bought those DCON traps where it catches them and you don't have to see them....Since he treated my place I haven't seen any since.


Apr 6, 2007
As it gets colder, the mice will want to come into your nice, warm house.

I recommend the old fashioned Victor snap traps. You can buy them cheaply and they kill the mouse instantly most of the time. I think the glue traps are cruel as they cause a slow, drawn-out death. Unfortunately, the more humane catch 'em alive traps seem to be less effective.


Apr 30, 2006
Get a cat-it is the only way! We used to get mice and it didn't matter how many traps we put out-how much poison we used, how many exterminators we called-the only thing that ever worked was having a cat in the house. And, neither of my cats have ever caught a mouse-I think it is just their presence that keeps them away. I will never, ever live without a cat again!

Oh-and we have a dog too-they get along fine.


Jan 29, 2006
Sorry, I will be frank: I find those of you who would use snap traps over humane traps to be downright cruel individuals.

There ARE humane options if you CHOOSE to use them. I'm not a religious person, but I do believe that LIFE is LIFE no matter what form it comes in. For those who think that because they these are "lesser beings" who don't deserve humanity, I just hope that someday there is not a person superior to yourself in wealth, health or education who will look down on you because you are, to them, not worth the time to treat with compassion.

To the OP, a local ASPCA may offer "no kill traps" you can either rent or that they loan for free. One near my college did. It lures mice into the trap with food, then closes a trap door behind them. Then you just take them somewhere else and release them... I suggest a field. If you are too scared to do this, have a brave friend come help you. We used these no-kill traps for rats in frat houses and trust me, they had bigger problems than you probably do. They worked great.

Please look into humane options.


Jan 29, 2006
Also, there are devices (I believe Sharper Image offers one) that emit a high-pitched frequency that human ears can't detect, but it deters rodents.


Jul 11, 2007
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The snap traps are the way to go if you don't want to get a cat or a snake.

And while I heartily agree that mice are cute and life is life... when you are finding mice poop on your nice clean kitchen counters where you cook food for your children you have to decide if you care more about your kids health or the mouse being exterminated.

We are in a pretty rural area and get field mice, too. They can be the dickens to get rid of.... you may want to walk around the outside of your house and find any gaps in bricks, doors, vents.... stuff those holes full of steel wool. Air can still travel through and the mice won't chew through it...they hate that stuff.