How to get rid of Fruit Flys - please help CH :)

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  1. I am the worlds BIGGEST neat freak. There's no rotten ANYTHING. ANYWHERE.

    But STILL I have these ROTTEN stupid fruit flies buzzing around my apartment driving me nuts. :hysteric::rant:

    Any good tips on how to get rid of them?
  2. Are you sure there is nothing stuck down in your drain?
  3. Nada. Nothing. Soaked all the drains with Drano... strange...
  4. Are they concentrating in a particular room/area? Can you tell where they're coming from? If they are appearing from around the sink area, Danica's right, there may be something down there. Try running the disposal, if you have one, and let the water run awhile. Maybe try misting the air with some bug/fly spray. They can be really difficult to get rid gotta figure out where the 'host' is.

    Best of luck with it...
  5. I had the same problem. Someone told me to rinse all the produce I bring in the house, even bananas...everything. I tried that and it got rid of took a while though.

    You might have to wait a while for the ones you have to die (shouldn't be too long). Until they do, wash all your produce and keep it in the frig.

    Try that. Hope it helps for you.
  6. Throw out all your produce....
  7. Oh, this is kind of gross, but it works: put out a dish with water and sugar in it and a few drops of dish soap. The sugar will attract the flies, and they'll land on the water, but the dish soap will disrupt the normal cohesion between the water molecules so there is no surface tension, and the flies fall in and drown. No more fruit flies.

    I figured this out inadvertently because I have a soap dish of fruit scented glycerin soap, and when I went to clean it out, it was a fruit fly graveyard! Being the nerd that I am, I figured out the scientific basis for my "trap."
  8. Do you have plants? I know sometimes fruit flies hang out around wet soil in potted plants. They're a pain in the ass.

    good suggestion, Greendrv! I'll have to remember that one
  9. Woah, that's cool!! I'm going to have to try that out.

    :yahoo: Woohoo for our smart PF ladies!!
  10. The strange thing is, before I thought of calling The God of All Things Rational, a.k.a my mother, I decided to post on the PF.


    Thanks ladies! Awesome suggestions.
  11. Definitely get rid of any produce and wait a few days before bringing any new produce in. It's gonna take a few days for the flies to die. The next time you head to the supermarket, carefully inspect the fruit you're buying. If you see ANY fruit flies buzzing around the produce, AVOID IT LIKE THE PLAGUE. You'll just be adding to the fly problem at home. Also, if you see any holes or weird marks on the fruit don't buy may mean that it's infested with those nasty bugs.
  12. If you overwater your indoor plants, that can be a source of fruit flies too.
  13. Everyone is right...If you have no rotten produce it must be your drain or overwatering of plants. For some reason they are attracted to water. I work for a pest control service & that's what we usually tell the customers. I'll ask my dad he's the owner & head tech, he'll know what to do!