How to get rid of folds on scarf after each wear

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Aug 5, 2014
Moscow, Russia
Ladies, I'm sorry if this question has been already discussed before, but I couldn't find this topic.

After a day of wearing a silk carre - tied around your neck - the warmth and humidity of your body makes quite a few permanent folds on it, especially with a tight knot. Those folds definitely won't relax by themselves.

So can you iron a scarf that has already been worn, but not washed? Or should you wash it each time before ironing?
If not washed - ironing could make some stains from sweat and skin permanent or hard to get off since you can wash the scarves only very gently...

but it looks like washing a luxury carre after each wear is also damaging to the silk structure and colors.
So what's the routine?
After each wear how do you get rid of folds and make it look neat again?


Moja Angelika
Oct 23, 2011
I just lay my H scarves flat on a couch overnight or two. It will relax and flatten itself out. I dont' repeat the same scarf two days in a row either. Don't overwash your silk scarves, the colors will eventually fade.
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