How to get rid of cigarette smell

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  1. Does anyone have any ideas of how to get their LV bags rid or cigaretter odor? I just bought a great used Speedy 35 but the cigarette smell is bothering my allergies.

    What to do!!!!!???? :wacko:

    I just received it in the mail today so perhaps it will air out in the next day or so but if anyone has any ideas PLEASE let me know
  2. Frebreeze works well.
  3. They have those dehumidifier things where it sucks moisture out of things. You might want to try placing one in the bag and seeing if that helps suck up some of the scent. Then go with Febreze...
  4. I've heard that fabric softener sheets work. Put one in the bag and zip it up. It should absorb the odor.
  5. But won't febreeze made my bag smell like febreeze? i know that sounds stupid but do the have anything that is more like a neutralizer scent?

    i remember using febreeze on my first car about 8 or 9 years ago and it took away the smell but the car clearly smelled like Febreeze. Until this day when I smell Febreeze i think about my old 1993 Honda Accord :wacko:
  6. Try the fabric softener sheets first before you spray febreze into it. Let us know what worked.
  7. I hate the smell of febreze lol.
  8. hiya there ,:nuts: i understand what you are feeling cuz i met the same condition, i tried using Dried Flowers which scent you prefer, then keep them in your speedy 35 for one day with the zip closed , it mightbe useful for anti-cigarette scent.;)
  9. Try this--Put perfume on cotton balls, and put them and the Speedy in a plastic bag for a few days. Don't let the cotton touch the Speedy because the alcohol in the perfume might damage it.
  10. Bi-carbonate of soda absorbs odours well, pop some in a small pot and place it inside the bag - be sure to not tip the bag up though!
    A few days should do the trick, failing that, it's good old fresh air....but depending on whether or not the bag has been long term smoke damaged, the Bi-carb may work.
  11. Let me know what works best Iluvbags. I would like to know as well.
  12. Hi,
    I just had the same issue with my balenciaga hobo..I put baking soda in a sealed container with it and it really help absorb the smell, mine smelled so bad it made me :sick:
    I tried the fabric sheets, which help to mask the smell for a moment but then it came back. The baking soda actually absorbed it.

    Good Luck..oh yeah and I also left it on my deck for a few hours.
  13. Baking soda is really good idea.
  14. don't smoke.