how to get rid of black heads

  1. so how do u guys get rid of your black heads?? i have some on my nose and they drive me absolutely nuts! i cant get rid of them or if i do they'll come back. i've tried biore strips, facials but nothing seems like it works :shrugs:
  2. QH Mint Julep Mask is great for blackheads. They wash right off after you leave it on for 15 minutes.

    Make sure you exfoliate well around the nose.
  3. exfoliating very very well :tup:.

    i use philosophy's microdelivery wash on my nose on a daily basis to keep the blackheads at bay, and use something stronger like kate somerville's kate in a jar (now called exfolikate) or the natura bisse glyco peel (can't remember the exact name at the moment) or phillsophy's micro dermabrasian vitamin c duo (again can't remember what it's called-sorry i haven't slept in days and it's really affecting my mental functioning :confused1:).

    also, i recently picked up this japanese black head off stick recently that appears to be working pretty well. but i think if you just exfoliate well and keep the area well cleansed it should get better over time :yes:.
  4. Agreed! I'm obsessed with this mask. It helps so much, and you see a huge difference right away. :yes:
  5. I love microdermabrasion (Not the at home stuff). It really helps with blackheads/acne/acne scarring. Usually I buy packages & go once a month for maintenance. My skin is sooooo soft afterwards & I notice that my regular products work better. My esthetician combines the micro with glycolic which really gives me good results.

    If you dont want to try micro use a BHA-Paula Begoun has great products. A BHA exfoliates deeper & better than a mechanical scrub & will help fight blackheads/acne.

  6. where can i get this mask? i'd love to try it.
  7. i've gotten the mask from walgreens and cvs before
  8. thanks!
  9. they still have those blackhead strips at CVS. got me a box and whisked the blackheads off my nose instantly.
  10. Affordable too!:tup:
  11. Yes, the mask is really cheap and a tube will last you for a while. You can get it at any drug store or beauty store like ULTA.
  12. Clarisonic.
  13. I've been looking EVERYWHERE for another tube of this, and I just cannot find it anywhere!

    I looked at CVS, Walmart, Target & Rite Aid! To no avail.

  14. sells it.
  15. Dermalogica scrubs work best for me and steaming my face- since I have done this I have not suffered for years