How to get rid of "black dots" ?

  1. Hi everyone!!

    I was wondering something about my skin. I just bought this Neutrogena acnee lotion and started using it every night before going to sleep (what instruction says). I started using it Sunday and haven't noticed that my skin is better EXCEPT where I have little red marks...

    I don't think it's acne, but i have little red marks/scars that acne might of left...I also have little black dots on my nose...I think it might be dirty pores...I wash my face every day with the Clean & Clear tissue+soap then use the neutrogena product

    any help please? :wtf:

    Thanks alot!!!
  2. you mean blackheads?

    use porestrip :smile:
  3. ahhh thanks, is there an approx time before my skin will be cleaner?
  4. Try not to use the pore strips too much. They peel off your skin along with it. You can alway try going to get a facial. Another way is to steam your face (take a hot shower or put some hot water in a bowl and stick a towel on head to cover your head and the bowl) then get a black head tool (which you can get from Sephora) and carefully get rid of the ones that come out easily. Don't push too hard if they don't want to come out though. Afterwards, wash your face with cold water to close the pores up. You can also put toner on to help with closing of the pores too.
  5. I have oily skin, so I know what you mean, I have them also (blackheads). The most effective way for me is to do weekly scrubs and monthly facials. For home weekly scrubs, I am using Philosophy's microdelivery peel, I freakin' love that product, it makes my skin so baby soft afterwards. It doesn't really take out those blackheads, but it helps to take away those buildups and maintain your skin. Then my monthly facials, I have these professionally done with a lady who comes to my house and do all our facials (me, my mom, my aunts, cousin). Imo, don't try to pick on the blackheads yourself, it could make them worse. You need to have them removed professionally if you want results.
  6. I mean, I wouldn't mind getting a facial but...I am male so I don't even know if that is possible? Do guys get facials too? lol
  7. Yes!
  8. Hmm...I'll have to get more info on that lol.
    I'm clueless about it...
  9. Go to a spa anywhere and ask if they have men's facials. So many 'metro' men get facials these days that a lot of spas have facials formulated just for men. Enjoy. They're ammmaaaaazzzziiinnng!!!!!! Ooh, except the 'extractions' part, that part can hurt. I sometimes ask them to skip that.
  10. Worth the $90 the place near me charges?
  11. $90 US? Perhaps not. I usually pay between $50-60 Cdn. There are some high end spas in the city that charge $150+. You come out with your face feeling like a baby's bum. (Clean bum.) I dunno. It depends. Is a bag worth $2000? It's all relative.
  12. I use hydrogen peroxide to bleach out my blackheads. It's cheap and it works!
  13. ok well...I care about my appearance but I wouldn't want to be labeled as 'metro' or anything like that...

    I'm was thinking about some home treatments but if I really have to go...then i guess i'll look around. *shrug*
  14. pore stirps are the best.. but like osmeone mentioned dont over do it.. i use it one a month nose and chin ( i actually have them on now) and i wash and mostiruze my face veryday and ive noticed that it helps
  15. Dermalogica's Daily Microfoliant works well for an at-home treatment. As the name suggests, you can use it everyday. It's what I used to 'rid' my skin of LaMer. It's great.

    I tried the pore strips years ago when they first came out, but they never did anything for me... Just left my nose with a hard-to-remove white residue!