How to get rid of an obnoxious smell in the house?

  1. I burned something while cooking dinner tonight :shame: I made a stir fry with lean steak strips and vegetables, and I overcooked it a bit. Okay, smoke filled the house and so did the smell of burnt food :yucky:

    I opened the sliding glass door out to the patio, hoping that some fresh air will come in, but it smells awful in here. Any tips to get rid of the smell? I don't have candles to burn or anything :sad:

    Really, I can cook! I'm quite good at it, usually.
  2. Keep the patio door open and all the windows around the kitchen. Light a nice candle and maybe turn a fan on.
  3. Awwww, lol, i dunno just let it air out i guess? maybe burn a candle or something, i am no help. Good Luck
  4. It's okay, *Lo ;)

    Thank you for the suggestions, priin. I was able to find two small scented candles, so I have both going and I'm keeping the sliding glass door open. I'm going to open the window next to the kitchen now.

    Ugh, I was starting to feel nauseous :yucky: It's like when someone in the office burns popcorn in the break room. Everyone smells it!
  5. Ugh dont you just hate when that happens? The smell seems to linger forever! I would try and air out the kitchen as best you can. Ive heard of people using a bowl of vinegar or baking soda in a smoke filled room to get rid of the smell, dont know if that really works though.
  6. do you have a fan?

    put it a few feet in front of your open doors blowing out. . . it'll pull the air out that way.
    I'm a candle fiend, I'd have a dozen burning in every room! LOL!
  7. THank goodness its nice out tonight so a little fresh air will help!!! It will be gone by morning! I burnt microwave popcorn the other day and had the same deal! SUCKS! lol
  8. I put dryer sheets in the room. Weird trick but it usually helps to soak up the odd odor. Also gets the smell out of a musty car.
  9. ^ Swanky, after this incident, I am going to become a candle fiend! Yankee Candle, here I come.

    I'll admit that I love burnt popcorn :shame: But I know 99.9 percent of people don't, so I don't burn mine!

    Zooba, that's a great idea! (Running to get dryer sheets out of the garage!)
  10. Vinegar in a bowl definitely gets rid of smells!
  11. burnt's bad for you woman! carcinogens!!!
  12. Usually I just try to open as many windows as I can, weather permitting. I'm good at burning food, lol. I put something on the stove, walk away and forget about it. Next thing I'm on the computer..........gee what's that smell? OMG! Problem is you think the smell is gone until you come home the next day, open the door and there's that smell!
  13. Cristina, did the smell go away? I hope it did!
  14. o.k, I clicked on this thread thinking she needed to hide that "dead" smell. :shrugs:

    I was GOING to suggest rolling "him" up in a heavy rug.

  15. ^ :roflmfao::lol: