how to get rid of acne scars!?

  1. even if i would let them just heal themselves in however long it took them, zits and pimples still scarred me! how do i get rid of them?
  2. Mederma works great for that! You can grab that at the drug store.. and don't pick any other ones you get!!
  3. If they are pitted scars, then the way to get rid of them is by injections from a dermatologist. It's expensive. About $800-1200 per session & most people need about 3 sessions.
    If they are darkened spots from where you had acne, then you can get a cream from the dermatologist as well. I don't remember what is called though. The RX takes about 3 months before the darkened blemishes will go away.

    Best bet is to just go see a dermatologist. I love going to mine. I always get tons of free samples & I like knowing that someone is taking care of my skin.
  4. Hey Megs! Is Mederma over-the-counter, or you need doc's prescription?
  5. I think its over the counter. .I used to stock for drug dept in a grocery store in high school and I think I remember putting that out on the shelves. I might be mistaking it for something else that starts with an M though :shame:
  6. Mederma is over the counter. I haven't used it but my sister uses it & loves it =)
  7. oh thank god its just darken spots! thanks megs for the suggestion, ill try that! crowgal, i hope to have a dermatologist by next month, because the building im working for thats moving to combine derm, dentist, and opt.. but ill try mederma in the mean time. thanks everyone!
  8. can i wear laura mercier tinted moisterizer over it?
  9. aarti,
    This is what worked REALLY well for me & many people I know.
    Its the day/night anti-aging serum from Arbonne. Its actually made for acne scarring, brown age spots & sun damage. It also turns over the dead skin cells that regenerate constantly on our skin.
    I love it.
    I can get you the 35% off if interested. Its not that expensive at all & alittle goes a long way. Let me know if you have any questions.
  10. i found that peel is the best way to get rid of acne scars. i tend to get PIH (post inflammatory hyperpigmentation) and have tried all types of whitening cream.
    but peel really works. if you dont like chemical peel, you can try microderm.
  11. thanks! ill read the link after work tonight.
  12. do you mean just a chemical peel or is there a brand named peel? yeah my acne scars arent like pitted, its actually i would say a bit dimensional, its basically just darker.
  13. Mederma is over the counter... works wonders!!!! Try that first then you can decide if you need anything else :smile:
  14. i dont want to get a professional peel coz i am afraid it will be too strong. i saw some pics online, and the recovery time is up to a week. you will get a result right away, but checmical peel is basically chemical burn to your skin, so yeah... for a couple of days, it is not a pretty sight. :wtf:
    try google checmical peel photos and you will see what i am talking about. btw, most of the women who do this want to get rid of wrinkles, so the peel is stronger and it is a little more extreme.

    there are a lot of peel products that you can buy now that is not too strong.
    i use juice beauty green apple peel, and it is pretty good. see if you can get a sample from sephora. they come in 2 flavors, sensitive and non sensitive. dont forget to do a patch test first, to see if your skin can tolerate it.
    professional microderm also gets the job done for acne scarring, but you have to get at least a set of six or something to see result. and its about $100 a pop, so it is significantly more expensive. i did this too, and happy with the result, but i feel like i can get the same result with less money.

    also, if you dont mind me asking, do you have medium or fair skin? fair skin people can use whitening cream, but medium skin people cannot. because there is no way to control the whitening process. to make long story short, the skin can be blotchy (this is according to my derm, the advise that he gave to me and i have medium to dark skin).

    oh, one more thing, you can also use retin a, because it is basically peeling your skin too. ask you derm if he/she can give you sample. if you can get generic retin a, it is a lot cheaper than any of the above method. i also use retin a. but please dont use retin a and any type of peel til you are sure your skin can handle it or consult with a derm. dont want to do too much peeling.

    also, if you decide to do peel, microderm or retin a, dont forget to wear sunscreen. :yes:

    hope this helps. phew...... i LOVE talking about skincare
  15. ohh.... i forgot one more thing, if you have a tendency to have keloid scarring, do not do microderm. there are some reliable sites online if you google for keloid scarring and microderm that will explain all this.