How to get proof of delivery (signature) from USPS?


Sep 21, 2006
I sent a bag costs over $700.. but forgot to get the sig. confirmation (only got the insurance) . According to USPS, anything that is over $250 requires sig by the receipent... so is there a way I can contact USPS to get a copy of the signiture in case paypal requires? Anyone done it before? Thank you!


Mar 10, 2008
london uk
USPS are a pain for this stuff, they will give you signature confirmation with insurance,but you can't see it online/get a copy emailed to you.
I would just go to where you posted, or call and ask them if there's anyway to get a copy. I had this exact same problem, but buyer left post feedback so in the end I didn't bother to chase it down.
I think most buyers would assume that if they have to sign, then you could trace it, so I'm sure you'll be o.k:smile: