How to get my money back (Paypal)

  1. Ok. I just bought the Cavalli purse through ioffer. I posted it in here once. The seller (who is also member of Ebay) claimed the purse was made by leather and retail price was $1700. But when I got it, its too obvious to see it wasn't leather or originally on sale for 1700 because on the tag, it said 400 only (i paid 200 + shipping). Making it worse, in the front of the purse, there were a few decorated pieces of metal missing. :cursing: I emailed her to tell her but she hadn't replied so I decided to send it back. I still haven't heard anything from her (been a week). I purchased through paypal and I think she is paypal verified also (would this help?).
    Thank you everyone.
  2. to to the resolution center on the paypal website and file a "significantly not as described" dispute. State your reasons in the message box and Paypal will take if from there.

    Unfortunately, you've made a mistake sending it back before you had a reply from the seller so technically

    (1)she hasn't agreed to a refund
    (2) you dont have the item in your possesion to back up your claims. Paypal may ask you to get proof or send it to them to authenticate.

    Did you send the purse back with tracked mail? that wil help prove that you sent it back and (if the seller has signed for it) that they have it back.

    Either way, file that dispute NOW.
  3. I sent it back with an invoice email :sad:
  4. File the claim anyway; you could still get your money back.
  5. I am sorry, but how do you file a dispute? I went to its resolution center, and it shows "open cases, closed cases.." option, and there is another box shows "case ID, invoice ID.."

  6. Go to the Resolution Center on the left there is a gray box hit the Open A Dispute, Item Dispute and then hit continue, on the bottom of the next page it will tell to Select Transaction ID scroll down to the item in dispute and click on it, on the last page you can finish filing your dispute. Then you will have an item on home page and your open case dispute section. Hope this helps.:sad:
  7. Thank you all for your kindness. I think I should keep emailing her until she replies. I think it's better to resolve by communication. So I'll wait for another week to see.
  8. You should file dispute ASAP because you can get your money back only within 30 days since transaction-first.
    Second-I will file dispute with Ebay as well.
  9. You can still communicate within the dispute, and this way, paypal will have a record of the everything that is said.

  10. FILE your claim IMMEDIATELY~ I was scammed by someone awhile back..and the process took time (on paypals part)..but they found her GUILTY..and I was able to recover my funds...

    Hopefully you sent it back with tracking and signature requirement??:sad:

    Keep us posted...
  11. If you paid by credit card you can file a chargeback with your credit card company and they will credit your account.

    For example I paid with my cc through paypal, and the processing fee for paypal is something like 25 dollars, but the amount I was scammed ( I didn't receive the item) was like a little more than that.. so I filed a chargeback. I did however email the seller several times and filed a claim with ebay, which is basically an open communication btw the seller and buyer and not ebay, so when that got no answer I called my cc company and they credited the amount.
  12. I got a good news. She replied (after 1 week) and agreed to refund the money when she received the purse. I just have to wait and see. Thanks you all.
  13. If you pay CC paypal you can charge back and will be baned from PP;; other than that we should do A list for all to file A class action suit every 2 years to deal with people that lie! : ;This is the best thing I feel we could do. Ebay is great but like the one's in office some need to GO!
  14. hello everyone, here is another problem. Its been 7 days since I sent her a purse. But she still hasn't received it yet, and she asked me for confirmation number. This is my first time ever returning anything I buy so I didn't know. I thought if I sent it back, then that would be all. How can I find out about that confirmation number?
  15. You had to have had purchased delivery confirmation meaning the PO has a tracking on the purse and if you punch the number in online, it'd show it as being delivered.