How to get my hands on a piece?? (toiletry pouch 26 monogram)

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  1. Hello,
    I am currently trying to get my hands on this piece but have been told that there are none available where I live.

    I called up customer services in which they told me that they would put me on the waitlist...Does anyone know how long this will usually be for? Are they still making the toiletry pouch 26?
    Also, when I was put on the waitlist they did not ask for my contact information...Do they just call back the number you called on? I thought that was a bit odd.

    Does anyone else have tips in trying to find this piece? I'm not a fan of buying pre-loved but had a quick look and could not find this piece online.
  2. It's still in production but they are in high demand so they are sent to stores little by little as they are made.

    I picked one up a few weeks. My store had just received a handful of them and my SA said they would be sold within 24 hours.

    So check the website daily and put your name on a waiting list. And if you have a store nearby, go in and talk to an SA and tell them to call you if they receive one.

    Good luck!
  3. Have a store SA work on getting it for you. I find having an SA is great when trying to find a hard to get item. If it hadn't been for my SA at my local boutique I would never have been able to get a hold of some of my pieces. Also stalk the website daily. That's how I got my Toiletry Pouch 15 a couple weeks ago. The 19 became available at one point last week too. I'm sure the 26 will pop up eventually.
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  4. I received men in 2-3 days after I went into a boutique and asked. Are you able to visit a boutique? Maybe they can out you on the waiting list there.
  5. My bf recently got mine at the soho store in NYC for my birthday present. No specific SA, no ordering,but he did say that it was the last one... So give them a try. They are out there.
  6. Thank you all for your tips!

    I will try to get into a store and ask if someone can track one down for me.
  7. That's the best way. I got mine a few weeks back through my SA. It took a bit longer than expected as everyone wants this item! Have them order it for you. As I know it, they still are making these. It's just a hot seller'
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  8. Hahahha that's cool.. I'd love to receive men too at the boutique! ;) hahaha!
  9. They're currently in stock online in the UK. So maybe see if you have any UK friends willing to order for you?
    It's £235 over here.
  10. Why is it so in demand at the moment? I have had mine for quite sometime but I just had dh go in and get one for me . He had it heat stamped too.
  11. Yes, I'm also wondering why is it so in demand? When I bought TP19 several years ago, SA was wondering why I wanted it. She recommended the Cosmetic Pouch.

    Is it because of Chanel's O Case?
  12. I think it's because it's way cheaper than the Cosmetic Pouch GM (which I have and love too) and it's relatively big for the price. It seems to be the best "deal" at LV.
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  13. A lot of people use the toiletry 26 as a clutch, including Princess Diana. Good luck in finding one.
  14. She sure hasn't used it as a clutch since 1997.
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  15. My SA said that all the Toiletry pouches (15,19,26) are in demand! I hope you find one, I love my TP 26