How to get my D'Trick repaired???? Help!!!

  1. Hi,

    I have a D'trick and the string of pearls has broken away from the base of the handle.

    What should I do as far as taking it in for a repair?

    Local handbag/bootmaker shop


    Dior repair centre???

    If Dior repair centre can someone please furnish me with their address or phone number??? I'm in San Jose, Ca

    I have called Dior boutique in S.F. but they keep giving me an invalid email address to email pics of the purse...not getting much help.

    How much do you think I'm looking at to get it repaired? any guesstimations? The line of pearls is still intact. I think it just needs a little ring attached to the string of pearls which then in turn can be attached to the little ring at the base of the handle. *sigh*

    Thanks everyone :heart:
  2. I had the exact same thing happen to one of our Dior D'Trick bags. I know, that Dior is not very enthusiastic about repairs - so I took the bag to a jeweler, and they fixed it perfectly. They did exactly, what you suggested: attached a little ring to the string of pearls. The charge for that was $9. Hope this helps.
  3. that is pretty reasonable and good to know since i have a d'trick too. thank you!
  4. The same thing happened to all my D'tricks, I took my bags to Dior each time to be repaired, they were more than happy to fix them for free. It's not a major repair though so I think taking them to a jeweler is a good idea.
  5. Hi,

    Thanks for your suggestions. I ended up taking it to a Jeweler. It cost me $54.00 :crybaby:They had to re-string the pearls and then they were able to attach a new ring to attach to the base of the dior purse.

    Yeah I know quiet a bit... but what is one to do????

    They did oooh and aahh over the D'trick and the Latest Blonde that was on my shoulder :smile:

    Hopefully it will not break again.

    Thanks everyone!!!
  6. The same thing happen to my D'Trick Bag I think I am going to take it to Dior and see what they say if not I will try the Jeweler.