How to get limited edition bags?

Are you a VIP in your local LV store?

  • Yes I am and I will tell you how to become one

  • I am close to become one

  • No I am not

  • No but I would like to find out how I can become one

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Aug 7, 2009
Hong Kong
Last year when I went into a LV store in Hong Kong, I was looking to buy a blue Monogram Denim bag. As I was talking to a friendly sales lady, she told me there is a limited edition Denim bag. She took out the
"Jasmine M95772" and "Lys M95771" and told me that these two bags were limited editions but all VIPS had purchased their bags, these two were the only one left so she can sell to general public. Immediately, I purchased both bags.

I asked her how I can be a VIP and be able to get future limited edition bags. She told me first of all, I would have to buy all my LV bags in one store so that they will have a record of the amount of bags I purchased, then I would have to get to know the sales manager of the store and maintain a very good relationship. The higher the rank, the more bags they can hold for their customers (VIPS).

I had a very good record of sales as I purchased most of my LV from the same store. They will call me when there is a private sales. But I still can't managed to get close enough to the shop manager to be a VIP in her list. I didn't get the IRENE COCO M47928 this year. I need to visit the store more frequently and try harder.
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