how to get fabolous curls

  1. hi girls
    i want to buy a curling iron but i dont know which
    any recommendations???? what brands are you guys using?
    i heard hot tools irons and conair are good
    also i dont know how big my iron should be:: 1" , 1 1/4", 1 1/2" or a 1 3/4"
    what do you think ladies
    my hair is like this:: (darker one)

    i want to creat curls like

    [​IMG] [​IMG]

  2. What my stylist taught me was to use a good curl spray.. before putting your hair to the iron, pull around an inch worth of hair and spray it. Always use a bigger curling iron too, 1.5inch is what I use but if you have shorter hair maybe 1 inch will work for you.
  3. Your length is about the same as mine, so I recommend a 1 inch or 1 1/4 inch curler. You want to get some sort of heat protector spray for your hair. If you want your hair to hold the curl all day, try a curl activator spray. To make it look more natural like in the pictures, curl different size sections. (1 inch, 2 inch, half an inch, etc.) Also rotate the direction that you turn your curling iron so it doesn't look all uniform. Don't leave the hair wrapped around the curler barrel too tightly or for too long or it won't turn out into a big, soft curl. When you are done curling your whole head, gently run your fingers through it. While doing this, I usually take some glossing cream or leave in conditioner, rub it in my hands, then run my fingers through my hair to give it some shine and smooth the frizzies out. :p Hope this helps!
  4. you don't need a curling iron, you can use a flat so much better and you don't have to stand there for ages holding it. If you are interested lemme know and I can send you a video on how to do it! :yes:
  5. I just bought a hot tools 1.25 inch and I love it! My hair is about your length and the great thing about the hot tools irons is that they have variable temp control so if your hair is more course you can turn up the heat and if it is more fine you can turn it down.

    I love your suggestions for chanel make up and was wondering if you could suggest a good curl activator spray?
  6. Thanks! Try Luscious curls wave spray by Frederic Fekkai or Pumped Up curl boosting spray by LaCoupe. (If you've seen pursebuzz videos, she uses the Pumped Up spray)
  7. OMG I have a friend who looks JUST like you! That's so crazyyyy :amazed:

    LOL sorry. Anyway... I use a TIGI Bedhead 1" curling iron. The curls start out tighter and then loosen to look like those pics. I find that my hair holds a curl best when it's blowdried, and has no product and very little conditioner on it (otherwise it's too slippery). I divide my hair into 4 sections and just work on one section at a time. I grab ~2" section of hair and spray with a lightweight hairspray it while it's on the iron and then again when the curl is done. Also, to get the curls to look like that, you have to hold the iron vertically and wind the hair around it instead of horizontally like you normally would, if that makes sense...
  8. this may be kind of silly , but are these products for curling with a flat iron or when you scrunch your hair wet? I prob should know this considering the thread but I though I'd double check :p
  9. You spray these in your hair before using a curler/waver/straightener. It basically holds the curl longer and gives it extra shine.
  10. I agree with the flat iron route.....
  11. It's hard to use a flat iron at first, but once you learn it is very easy and quick to use. If you have a good curler that gets really hot you can just hold each curl for a few seconds. It's very quick with a straightener or curler. Your choice!
  12. i would love to see the video!!

    btw thanks guys! i think im going to try a 1 1/4" or mayb a 1 1/2"
  13. We have the same hair!! I have different size curling irons and nothing works as good as my GHD styler. My hair never holds curls and suprisingly my curls lasted till I washed my hair. I didn't need to use hair spray or anything to hold the curls in. The only downside to using a flat iron like everyone said, is that it takes a couple tries to get the curls you want.

    Check out youtube for some video tutorials! They are really helpful.
  14. I have the same hair as you too - Asian, pretty straight, slight wave. I have heard of the straightener technique but was too chicken to try it. I will have to check out youtube.