How To Get Egg Off My Stucco House??lol?

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  1. I went out last night..TRUSTED my 17 yr old to babysit my 10 yr old for the VERY first time......EH HEM...(17 yr old has a habit of getting in trouble..LOL)....I wake up this morning to find FREAKIN EGG all over the front of my house and windows..SO MAD!
    Have a feelin one of her so called friends egged us...UGH..ANYONE know how to get this nasty dried up gunk off my stucco.....:wtf:

    Im trying to pack for ARUBA(leaving Tues AM)....and THIS was the last thing I needed during a REALLY stressful bad week...UGH....I dont think just a hosing down will get it off as its already dried...EEK..HELP! :sad:

    Thanks...Jill is ready for a meltdown...LOL:cursing:
  2. I know nothing about stucco houses...But maybe try to squirt it with the hose and see what comes off? I wouldn't try to scrub it since that might take some of the stucco off
  3. Found on google:

    Removing egg from stucco - Even though we tried removing most of the egg right after it happened (with vinegar and water), we saw the next day how much we had missed. By the time we could tackle it again, the egg had been baked onto stucco and painted surfaces for nearly two weeks. Following the eHow reader's tip, we used Arm & Hammer laundry detergent and a scrub brush and were able to easily remove the egg from all surfaces of our house, including painted wood and stucco.

    Put that trouble-maker to work!!!

    Here's the link for another guide:
  4. Yuck, that's horrible....what a pain....teenagers *^*&$!.

    I would spray it with whatever cleaning solution you have around that has bleach in it, colorox clean up, etc...if you have any of the gel stuff, even the stuff meant for toilets I would use that, so it can stick and soak for a bit....or make a paste out of cleanser....

    and I would make the teenager do it! Less likely to happen again if she puts the pressure on her friends to stop.

    Good luck...have fun on vacation!
  5. Thanks guys....I will try this...
  6. OK..I just froze my AS* off outside...hose in hand..NOTHING WORKED.....SO MAD...LOL
  7. i think it is legally considered vandalism of a person eggs your house.
    you should really find out who did it!
  8. Sorry, wish I could help. Just wanted to let you know I'm :cursing: for you. My parents still have traces of egg on their house from years ago - not in places they could even paint over. Next door but one to me was 'egged' a couple of nights ago (the day after my car was 'pizza'd' but that's another thread!)
    Hope you manage to get rid of it - Good Luck.
  9. ^Thanks..Taking kids to movies..Ill deal with the mess later..My patience is SHOT to HEL*..LMAO..UGH....
  10. Have you tried pressure washing it?
  11. ...Jill has a power washer...but has no clue how to use it...heehee...Waiting for reinforcements...LOL!
  12. Have you thought about having your kid clean it off? Perhaps it may help her dissuade her *trusted* friends in the future. :yes:
  13. ^Its too high up..need a ladder to get to it.Wouldnt want a kid to do it..Will have to hire a handyman to clean it up.....
    Actually my little one said the funniest thing today(I had to laugh...).....shes like ...IS this what the Easter bunny brings us Jewish people?...ROFLMAO..OMG......OY!
  14. That's too funny!! Kids are so cute!
  15. LOL! That is funny!

    Well you could always make her PAY for it!! :p :p

    Eeek! I have no kids yet but my bf (soon to be fiance) has two girls - 10 and 13. Knowing the 13 year old I expect some egg cleaning excursions in the future.

    Sorry this happened to ya but have a great time on your trip!!!