How to get curves?

  1. Well, I will begin this thread by telling you my plight. I am lacking curves in the lower half of my body. I'm assuming it's by genetics since my mother has no curves at all besides the things on her chest that she calls her breasts. Now, I'm not skinny. I wear a size 6 and in some places even an 8. But I hardly have a butt or hips. I can deal with not having a butt, but I want some hips. You know, the hourglass figure kind of thing. Is there any form of exercise that can help me achieve that? And please, don't tell me to eat more or gain weight or anything along the lines of that. I want to be curvy but still toned!
  2. Have a baby? It worked for me.

    Seriously, short of having a baby, and depending on your age (people under 17 are still growing and not all their body fat is set yet) not much you can do except have some surgery to fluff out your butt and thighs. Implants are made for every part of the body nowadays! I've also heard of taking fat from one part of your body and injecting it back into another part.
  3. I have no idea, but my guess is that it sounds like your bone structure is just this way. But you can have my hips, I don't want them! :lol: I'd love to be hip and butt free!
  4. I need to find a way to make my butt actually show!! I have a little butt and I want to put some meat on it..hehe any tips for working out that area?!
  5. I want hips too!!

    Seriously I find them sexy and I have none. I really don't think there is an exercise for it. I would have found it by now!
  6. Not really...unless you inject some fat on each side. Genetics do determine where you store and where you burn fat. If you don't store fat on your hips, then there's nothing you can really do. I mean, you can try to build up your hip flexors (or are they abductors?). Most gyms have a machine where you sit and spread your legs when resistance is applied. That might help a bit. You'd want to build muscle, so use heavy weights with 5 or so reps. Then you can take the route of making it appear like you have wider hips by shrinking your waist, but again, that's cardio and if your body burns fat from your hips first, then it won't help. Only if you body burns fat from your waist first.
  7. I would say you are lucky! I personally like straight hips. I think it would be easier for you to work your butt first, then maybe the hips will come later. Also, exercises that use resistance bands are supposed to work the hips. I'm not sure how old you are, but sometimes women develop hips in their 30s.
  8. Maybe do some abdominal work to tone your abs it could define your hips more? I am not an expert, but if you can't "grow" curvy hips, maybe you can make it appear that way by defining other areas. Sorry if I am completely off. lol
  9. Liz -- try pilates or ballet. Some gyms, like New York Sport Club, have routines based on ballet so you don't acutally have to go to ballet school. I did a lot of ballet/dance as a child and teenager so I have pretty well shaped calfs, thighs and butt. Hips are harder to develop because that depends on your bone structure. Pilates helps tone your abs and a smaller waist can make hips look bigger. But slim and straight is very nice too!!! I'm sure a lot of ladies wish they had this problem.
  10. It's far more important to love the body you were given than wish for something that nature may not have intended for you.

    One of the life lessons you learn as you get older is that you came into this world a certain way and the sooner you accept and love those things, the happier you'll be. ;)
  11. Sorry to ressurect an old thread but I have a similar question:

    I have kind of muscular build and would like to know how to make my natural waist (above my belly button) smaller. I have a boyish build and can fake everything else (breast cutlets, hip & booty pads) but this. LOL! I've become a junior illusionist! I've tried girdles & waist cinchers but I do not think I can acheive the "hourglass" look. I used to be more tone so I figured that if I fattened up a little, it would be easier to slim down but it hasn't worked. I still look kind of boxy. I know this sounds kind of silly but is there a type of surgery I can have to fix this? Is the only option breast implants to make my top bigger? I hope not because that would make my hips look smaller! I do not have recent pictures but here 2 pictures of me in the summer without any fallacies:
    of=50,480,481.jpg of=50,480,480.jpg
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  13. wow those are some BRICKS you got there b00mbaka! you have a great figure! about the waist thing.. i dont know how you would get it less boxier, unless you stopped working out your stomach and maybe got it softer LOl little bit of fat don't hurt.. but you should be proud of your body! some of us would kill for those abs! lol maybe we can switch bodies for a day :p
  14. Nope, not at all! I will ask the mods to delete the pictures if that's what makes it look like I am joking or showing off. The reason I posted the pictures was to give a visual of what I meant by "boyish" figure. I came here to get honest advise. I simply want an hourglass figure instead of this manly figure. I am content with the rest of my body and I understand others would kill for it. I just hate the fact that hi-waist clothing looks pointless on my boxy figure. Some blouses & dresses come belted but on me they just slide down to my hips. Please do not get me wrong, I am happy with my body but like EVERYONE I just see where improvements could be made. Unlike most people, I do not know HOW to change it. I would like more curves & know that if my waist was smaller, it would accomplish the look. It's obvious that some gals have smaller, more feminine waists but what's wrong with me saying that I want one too?

    LOL bonjourErin! I'm trying to fatten up but it's not working. All the weight is going to my lower belly (spare tire) and back. Even when I try to push in my side with my hands, it feel hard and barely goes anywhere.
  15. I think her accusation was inconsiderate. I'll remove them if you want, but I wouldn't because of ONE person if I were you. You're asking a legitimate question and your history here proves that. People need to be more considerate.