How to get Chanel store to verify your bag

  1. Hello everyone,

    I am a first time user and a long time observer of this great forum.

    I recently bought my second bag at Chanel flagship in Tokyo a couple of months ago. Several days later, I dropped by at another boutique in town and out of curiosity, I asked the attendants to verify my bag. They politely said that they couldn't offer such service (can't remember why, my Japanese sucks). Later on, on a business trip to London, I did the same thing at their boutique on Bond Street. This time they said that my bag was fake ! They didn't tell me the reason since it was a company secret, they said.

    I also read on eBay that I shouldn't directly ask a boutique to verify my bag but instead bring my bag there for service. This way they will actually match the number on the hologram sticker with the one on their computer.

    Any ideas ?
  2. Do you mean that the bag you took to verify it was your first bag?
  3. I am sorry if I wasn't clear. It was my second bag, the new one.
  4. Why do you want to authenticate a bag that you bought at Chanel and therefore know to be authentic?
    If you want to authenticate a bag that you did not purchase at Chanel, then there are a number of ways to obtain an opinion on authenticity - including right here on this forum.
  5. I am wondering the same thing..
  6. Mmm I think you missed the point. What good does it do when you are the only one who knows that your bag is authentic?

    The first fact that troubles me is that Chanel disowns their own bag. I also have a couple of 2.55s and I would also feel pissed-off that the shop I spent thousands of dollars at later said my bag was fake. Furthermore, it means they will not accept the OP's bag (and perhaps mine as well) for service.

    And if I hypothetically buy a bag from say, eBay or Craiglist (which I am planning to), what should I do to have it authenticated ? Even after I go through the rigoruos (and ambiguous) process of looking at each picture and listening to fellow TPFers advice, my bag will still be marked fake by Chanel. I mean clearly Chanel is the one that knows whether a bag is fake or not. It has, like the OP said, the database of serial numbers. It must have a meaning otherwise why stick it on each bag in the first place. Why Chanel denies their customers access to it is my question as well.

  7. although I do not understand why you keep going to Chanel to ask them to verrify your bag... since the London Chanel told you that your Chanel is fake... I am curious what do you intend to do ? did you file a complaint against the Tokyo Chanel to the Chanel head office in Paris?
  8. hi:
    If you have receipt, then you can show them it's not fake. Therefore, when you send it in for service..they will have no rights to not service on your bag. There was once I took a chain belt to a chanel at Nordstrom for repair, the SA told me chanel does not make such belt..They even sent to new york and was returned after two weeks becuase of the same reason. However, I saw the same chain belt that was listed on Bluefly recently. EXACTLY the same belt!! So it's not fake. I was a bit pissed becuase I almost going to donate the belt to charity few years ago. My aunt bought it from paris years ago!!
    Anyways, I was told chanel has rights not to authenticate the bag for you. They want ppl to buy real chanel at boutique rather than places like eBay or second hand store. If you took the bag to chanel for authentication, you are telling them you bought it somewherelse. Personally..I wouldn't even know how to ask.
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    "They want ppl to buy real chanel at boutique rather than places like eBay or second hand store. If you took the bag to chanel for authentication, you are telling them you bought it somewherelse. Personally..I wouldn't even know how to ask."

    :true: plus think it this way: if Chanel has this service, ppl buy bag from ebay/2nd-hand shop relying on chanel boutique s authentication but end up find out the bag is a fake. what do ppl do? Ask chanel to pay back? Will chanel pay for that? If you are chanel, will you do that? Moreover, we all know chanel has authentic numbers on each bag, but can we or chanel themself really track a bag by their number easily ?
  10. Why verify your bag since you bought it straight from a Chanel boutique anyways? :confused1:

    Unless you're afraid that they might not accept it for repairs in future should you lose the authencity card? :confused1:
  11. The purpose of this thread is
    "How to get Chanel to verify your bag"

    I think it completely makes sense in the following ways:
    1. If you are a second-hand dealer and one day your client comes to you saying that Chanel told him/her the bag was fake, what will you do?
    2. If you buy a bag from eBay and find that your bag is authentic according to TPFers and fake according to Chanel, what will you do?
    3. To answer the previous poster: why verify the bag when I know I bought it at a boutique? Why if you were me what would you do if you were told the next day at a different boutique that what you bought the previous day was fake ?

    I understand the OP's concern by bringing up the hologram sticker. The only unbiased way to authenticate a Chanel bag is to check the hologram number on their database. And I presume she thought the only way to do it is to take the bag to Chanel for service. If you ask them to authenticate it, they will definitely think you bought the bag from eBay and we all know Chanel hates eBay.

  12. Thanks for all your suggestions. I suppose the title of this thread should be
    "How to get Chanel store to verify your bag without actually telling them to verify it."

    My first concern was actually what laflerdelis described in her post. I own several bags, a couple were purchased, some other were gift. I am planning to sell a couple on eBay and I am worried over the fact that Chanel will refuse to verify or call every bag shoved to them as fake. So where is my accountability in that case ? People who buy my bags will think I am a bootlegger.

    According to some seller on eBay, one way to get around asking Chanel for verification is to ask them to repair the bag. It is quite a logical approach I think, since I assume Chanel will only want to repair authentic bags. Well, I have not done this since I have no need for service right now. So I will really appreciate it if someone who has could share her experience..
  13. Guess should show the SA the original receipt and hear what she says then. :shrugs:

    Sometimes SAs make mistakes too; they are afterall Man.

    Read on another Chanel thread that SAs "failed fake test". I really don't know what to think about this.....that Chanel SAs mistook an authentic Flap for a fake and a replica for the real McCoy!? Goodness.

  14. That's a good idea. :tup:
  15. My head hurts. If you want to have the bag serviced, the bag has to be authentic. In order to prove the bag is authentic, the bag has to be serviceable. :nuts:

    Tell me aclu133, what did you bring when you visited the boutique ? Did you bring the card or the receipt?