How to get Birkin or Kelly in Singapore?

  1. Hi,

    I understand that the waitlist in Singapore is CLOSED for Birkin. Is there any way to get the Birkin or Kelly bag in Singapore then? :confused1: Better chance to get them in Paris? :sweatdrop:

  2. Forget Singapore, I believe it's virtually impossible. Hong Kong too. I think in Asia, the easiest city to find a Birkin or Kelly is Tokyo. I secured 2 of my bags from Tokyo. When I was there last month, almost every boutique I went to (if I'm not wrong, there are at least 11 boutiques in the city, with 2 standalone shops at Ginza and Maranouchi) had either a Birkin or Kelly or both. At Ginza on a particular day, my friend and I were amazed to see a roomful of Kellys - there were at least 15 on display!
  3. it seems there might be a odd kelly displayed at times in spore stores (reported from the TPF singapore ladies)...

    that said, i was offered to be put on waiting list for a kelly in spore but i hvnt got any calls since (however i also have very specific colors i want).

    however, if you are not picky with colors, leathers - you can try to speak to a SA abt your desire for a kelly.

    but like evekitti said, you are really better off penting your hopes in getting the bag overseas like japan or paris (& its cheaper too!)

    hope this helps & good luck in your hunt! :biggrin:

  4. Oh, you're right. Now I remember being offered a couple of Kellys at Liat Towers. I think they do have Kellys occasionally, but seldom on display, though I did see a Kelly Lakis. You can try asking an SA and if you're lucky there might be one in the backroom.

    bbbochap, what colours and leather are you looking for?
  5. Kelly is possible if you are not "choosy", Birkin, nope.
  6. It is not difficult to get a Kelly from any of the Singapore stores. That said, if the colour/leather combo is in high demand, than you will need to have the patience of a saint. It is not impossible. Very rarely will you see a Kelly on display but I won't say never.

    Start building a relationship with a SA. There have been many threads about how this is best done. It won't be long before you are offered a Kelly.
  7. evekitti - i started with request for bright colors, so my SA put me down for orange, potiron, fuchsia, white (colors he felt were suitable for me)...

    but very soon, i decided my love is only for fuchsia - he also admitted tt im better off finding it overseas cos fuchsia is SO rare... but he still entertained me with my request - he is a very sweet SA, lol....
  8. ^^ Fuchsia's gonna be one long wait. If I am not wrong, it hasn't been offered at the podium for a few seasons now.
  9. tks for tt input mrs S (im sure you know wats in their inventory, lol :p) :tup:

    i hve stopped hoping for anything to be offered to be at spore store as i am no good customer of theirs, there are many other better customers tt deserve it more than me... :p

    if i ever got offered a bag from them - its like i have struck TOTO (for comparison sake), hahahahaha
  10. so no waiting list for birkin 40 in black too ?
  11. Actually, I don't know what in their inventory. The information is private and confidential. I do ask my SA what's offered and what's not. And it's also not difficult to guess. When you stick around tPF long enough, and pay attention to the colour/leather combos in all the lovely unveilings here, you can get a pretty good idea what Paris is shipping to the rest of the world. They do make the same coloured bags all at the same time. :p

    Do not stop hoping. Keep your relationship with your SA warm. It is "truly out of sight, out of mind".
  12. You're asking for a very specific size. Not everyone can pull off a 40cm Birkin. Get friendly with a SA and you may get the answer you want.
  13. :yes:
  14. Hi ladies im relatively new to tPF. last night i had a surprise when i visited the store at takashimaya. i was actually looking for a pressie for my bf. but of course you never visit hermes without asking if there are any goodies not displayed. And the SA brought out a orange kelly in 35. it was very outstanding and altho orange has never been on my wishlist it was just too tempting to refuse. there was another lady at the store who was eyeing it too but as i was privy to it first she had to wait for me to decide. and last night there was a one-day 10% rebate if you charge it to DBS Amex. How could I have refused right? I'm a little saner now and thinking if i had made the right decision. should i return it? it's orange clemence. i have a gold togo birkin in 30 and this bag is really so versitile. what do you ladies think?

  15. A woman can never have too many bags!!! CONGRATULATIONS!!!