How To Get Bal Stores To Respond?

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  1. Call this a mini-rant, but:

    - My 2 attempts to contact Bill @ BalNY have been ignored.
    - My 2 attempts to contact Mina @ BalLV have been ignored.
    - My 2 attempts to contact Anna @ BalUK have been ignored + my 1 attempt to just "generally" contact the store.

    I can definitely call NY and LV, but as I am a full-time student, it is WAY easier for me to check and answer my email promptly (even in the middle of class) than to be on the phone. For the UK, I don't see why I have to incur huge bills on my cellphone (my only phone) when they have an email address.

    I know many of you ladies have been able to place order through these stores. Am I being paranoid or am I being ignored for some sort of reason? Or is there some unspoken policy that email orders/requests take a backseat to calls and live customers? Just wondering. The items I am looking for can't be found anywhere and so Bal (UK, primarily) is my last resort -- but they are ignoring me. I'm beginning to lose hope and just feel like giving up the search.

    If you have any tips/tricks on how to "get noticed" when you send emails, please share the knowledge. I'm seriously peeved. :P
  2. BalNY has been fairly good with emails in my experience. Did you put ATTN: [NAME] in the email subject heading? It's easier to get a hold of customer service when calling though. I would give a short call to Bill @ BalNY and tell him to be expecting emails from you to give him a heads-up. I've bought a bag from Bill and he kept pretty good communication. If you're really interested in purchasing something, an SA should be able to pick up on that.
  3. Thanks for responding, Jira! :flowers:

    Yep, for all the above (except the "general" email to the UK store), I've done Attn: ______. I am going to call both Mina and Bill, but my suspicion is that they don't have what I want *and* I feel a bit silly stalking them after sending them emails.

    Out of the Bal stores in Europe, UK made the most sense to me and I've heard great things. I keep looking online for "free calls to UK" but can't find anything and I dread having a $400 bill come to my phone -- I'd have to tack that expense on to the bag's total! :sweatdrop:
  4. I just spoke with Seyna at Bal London yesterday and we exchanged several mails, she was super sweet and quick in replying. My SA usually has been Julian and he is definitely slower, sometimes taking a day or two to reply each time.

    Sebastien at Bal Cannes is also very helpful and quick at replying, you could try contacting him as well :smile:

    I've no tips or tricks, I usually try to just keep my emails short and to-the-point to make it easy for the SA to reply and figure out what I want. :smile:
  5. ^ Thanks, deeth!

    I just sent another "ATTN" email, this time to Seyna. It was short and to the point, so we will see if she gets back to me! I am keeping my fingers crossed. :smile:
  6. In case none of the other SA's recommended here contact you back, I would suggest asking for Daisy @ Bal NY. I just got off the phone with her, she was very helpful.
  7. ^ Thank you!

    I heard back from Sebastien at Cannes. He was lightning fast AND he had exactly what I was looking for. I just emailed him my completed order form, so I hope to get my baby soon. :yahoo: I will DEFINITELY be giving Sebastien my business in the future.
  8. Would you please share the email to reach Sebabtien in Cannes. I already looked in the Shopping Ref. thread but it is not listed. Thanks so much!
  9. That's great! Which bag did you get? :nuts:
  10. Oooh...the BalLV SA is soooooo slow at getting back if at all. I've had issues....I use someone else now. BalNY is pretty good at getting back, try Cynthia. Good luck.
  11. I agree, I have found Cynthia wonderfully responsive. Just make sure you put her name in the re: line of the email. And remember these guys don't work 7 days a week so if you send an email on their day off, it may take another day or two for you to get an answer.
  12. Great thread - thank you to all for your advice, and to muimuifiend for starting this thread.