How to get BAGS AUTHENICATED that is recognised by Vero???

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  1. I have so many bags here, Authentic Bags, I dont mind paying upto $25-$35 for written Authentication as ALL are real. HOW do I get them Authenticated by a body that is reccognised by Vero. And I am based in London??? What shall I do??
  2. mypoupette ?
  3. My lastr authentication from MyPoupette took 2 weeks to get a very vague answer!
  4. doesnt Caroldiva do authenticating?

    (I think thats the name)
  5. I heard caroldiva seperated out from mypoupette. Since caroldiva is new, their respond time is much faster than mypoupette.

    I doubt Vero anybody. If they do, I'd love to know.
  6. I dont think there is anything except for MyPoupette. But Mypoupette is soooooooo slow and sometimes you pay and they dont even give you a responce. CarolDiva is great but I dont think Vero would recognise her as she is so new but did previously work for MyPoupette so I would e-mail her about it. Shes very nice, quick and friendly I would e-mail her and ask her if shes recognised by Vero. Hope that helps :smile:
  7. Does caroldiva authenticate bags other than LV, such as Balenciaga, Chanel, Gucci & etc? Their website only mentioned LV and Coach.

  8. ^ I asked her a while back whether she could authenticate a Celine bag for me, but she said that her expertise was mainly with LV. could be that it has changed, so always worth asking her.
  9. Zac I hate to say this
    but vero are kicking of authentic bags , without one second of hesitiation I doubt they even look at them properly , or if they have the experience themselves

    I once sent a bag to Chanel in Croydon and eventually got a letter back from them but I could not post the letter as the letter itself infringed there intellectual rights

    If I can help please pm me there are other outlets in London you could take them to on consignment

    They have suspended MPRS sellers so I just dont know if it would make any difference

    You could write to the vero member! or phone them at least you can get a phone number for vuitton chanel etc head office in uk unlike E bay
    I have the name of the lady at Chanel
  10. There is nothing really you can do about except post a photo of the receipt with your user name and date watermarked and a statement : This item is authentic, please refer to the receipt picture.
  11. Thats the problem, everything we buy has to be paid for by our company so we never get to keep receipts - and copies of receipts are just another scam. Its so difficult KNOWING that you have Authentic items but not being able to prove it.

    Only way to prove it is through 'Authentication' of some kind done by a third party that is reccognised by Vero.

    That way, if they try to mess with you, you have proof.

    Mypoupette can get it wrong unless you send stuff to them, and I cant do that because I am in UK...

    What do we do???
  12. Chanel in Croydon? Is that the same Croydon as us SouthWest Londoners know? I am stunned if it is . . .
  13. MyPoupette is SO SLOW because VERO only listens to her on LV!!!! Check out her site...she does tons for keeping crappy fake LV off Ebay.
  14. Also - I ONLY use auctiva for my auctions - visit - they automatically protect your images through their hosting, and you can list 15-16 for FREE!
  15. Also, I wanted to add I contacted Carol a few months ago re: authentication, and this is what she said: "I can authenticate Chanel, MCM, Dooney & Bourke, Coach, Gucci, as long as they are the older, classic models. I haven't kept up with the new stuff with these brands."

    So, I def. think it's worth giving her a try - you have nothing to lose.