How to get an SA?

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  1. Can you arrange to get an SA without actually making a purchase first? I mainly want to have eyes out for things because I dont get out much, and if you live in NJ you know what a pain in the a it is going out to Short Hills Mall if you dont live close to it.

    I know my old boss in DC had an SA at NM that had been hers for for like 11 years, they got matched up when she was broke but wanted eyes out for when this particular skirt went on its last clearance. She got the skirt, and that SA got demoted to stationary. Doesnt matter because Mei wont shop with anyone else and 3 times a year the SA gets credit for 10K+ in purchases!

    I cant make a large ticket purchase a lot, but having a contact would sure be handy!
  2. i didnt know that getting SAs were as important as i thought they were after coming on tpf. i hvae no idea but i would like to know too!
  3. I got one before I started hardcore buying. Honestly, what impressed me was that I went in to the boutique, said I was just looking and she still helped me, was very nice, answered all my questions and spent a ton of time with me. I bought from her 2 weeks later and I've been loyal ever since. She still spends time and just gives great service. I think that showing an interest and wanting to learn helps quite a bit. I admit, I think I got luck with the SA I use most often, but nonetheless, it is worth a shot. A good SA wants to build relationships because they never know who will become a great client in the long run. Good luck!
  4. I think like any relationship you have to build it.

    Many stores I have been shopping for years and they know me. You don't want calls from someone who really doesn't know your taste and likes.
  5. I want to know this too. I spend a lot more $$$ than a lot of tPFer's that talk about having a great relationship with their SAs, so obviously it has nothing to do with money spent. I would LOVE to know what I am doing wrong!!!
  6. I worked at Saks in college and the process at the time (10 years ago) was really informal. Just start out by talking to the SA. Find someone you think you click with and ask her/him to let you know when specific items go on sale or bags that you might like come into the store.

    Another option is to find a smaller boutique that stocks some brands you like. I co-own a handbag boutique in Seattle and we're really good about letting our clients know when new merchandise arrives from their favorite brands, something they've had their eye on goes on sale or even if we're hosting a trunk show/store event that we think would interest them. You'll often find that service at smaller stores is more personal so that might be a good source for a SA that will really look out for you.