how to get an oil stain out of chestnut uggs?

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    I just dropped some melted cheese on my chestnut uggs!!!!
    how do I get the stain out asap??

  2. Ok, I just found this on internet, incase anyone else has the same issue:

    This always works. When you have a grease stain, use baby powder. Put a lot on it and let it sit for a few days. Shake it off and if it still looks greasy, pour more on and wait. A dog buried his greasy chicken bone in my suitcase on top of a silk blouse. I had to apply several times but the grease came out.

    Post By ariel Adrian (Guest Post) (10/20/2007)
    I had pizza oil stain on uggs, used baby powder. Everything came right off! thanks...

    Post By Rachel (Guest Post) (03/25/2007) [​IMG] white chalk on ugg boots.
    that's what worked when the toast fell butter side down on my boots :smile:
  3. some people also said to a use a white eraser, but a few have replied:
    Post By ANNI (Guest Post) (03/14/2008) [​IMG] The eraser method does NOT work! it damages your uggs. You basically are scraping off all the delicate sheep skin.

    Post By Hillary (Guest Post) (03/18/2008) [​IMG] Tried the eraser thing. If you look your sheepskin comes off. It does ruin your boots.
  4. anyway.... incase anyone else would like to know...

    I've just put baby powder on the stain, will keep you posted!!!


    my poor uggs!!!
  5. Have anyone elses Uggs survived an oil stain??
  6. Sophie, how much coffee have you had????? :p

    Just kidding, thanks so much for posting this, I have never had this happened to my uggs but to my jeans on several occasions, salt works as well. I've learned this while I was at a restaurant and I dropped olive oil on my jeans and I had nothing to put on the stain but salt, left it on until I got home and wash it off, it disappeared:nuts:

    I've been lucky so far, I just ordered some ugg spray protector, I am going to be taking a long trip over the holidays and I am planning on wearing my uggs, I want (NEED) to be comfy :biggrin:
  7. LOL, that's so funny. hehehe.

    Oh my gosh, i spilled some oily stuff on my chest nut uggs while cooking at a homeless shelter and boy did i want to cry. Why did i wear brand new uggs to some place i knew was going to possibly get dirty, i guess it was a cold day outside and my mind wasn't working. So, from what i remember, i think i used some ivory liquid soap, lightly massaged it and ran it through some warm water. Used some paper towels to blot dry and left it to dry for a few days. They're all better now. The stain went away. Also recently i've been spraying my uggs with shining monkey. I hope i'm using the right product. Well, they haven't eaten up my uggs yet so it's probably safe to say it's ok. Let me know if you have any info on using Shining Monkey for uggs?? thanks. Hopefully if anything else happens in the future, all it takes is a wipe and it will be gone b/c of the shining monkey. Did your chest nut uggs also go unprotected like mine?
  8. I always use baby powder or cornstarch on grease stains, just pat it on gently, let sit for a while, and brush it off. Works like a charm!
  9. BABY POWDER alllllll the way! It works like a charm for all oil and grease stains on anything. Rub it on the stain and let it sit for an hour or so, not long. Shake it off and woila!!!! Stain will be gone :smile:
  10. ^^ wow, thanks for the confirmation, i should have came here to ask you ladies instead of doing what i did, oh well. we all live to learn and learn to live.
  11. haha, this is reallllly funny. cute funny.
  12. hahaha
    I went into a blind panic, really the cheese hit my Ugg and 20secs. later I was on the purseblog hahaha

    thanks for everyones help, the baby powder works wonders!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  13. yay! thanks for the update that the baby powder actually worked. b/c i don't have any baby powder and somebody else mentioned that corn starch works, i'll be sure to remember corn starch the next time this catastrophy happns.
  14. Bumping thread from the grave. Just dropped a chicken wing on my brand new Dakotas. I'm praying that the baby powder works :sad:
  15. Didn't come off! Oh man. I'm going to try leaving some baby powder on it overnight and try rubbing it in the morning again.