How to get all the bells and whistles

  1. I recently recieved an epi moka speedy 30 which i couldn't be more pleased with.:heart: But i have self admitted LV OCD so the dilema i have is that it DID NOT come with the dust bag or the care book or box.


    The box should be pretty easy. (they have tons)
    The DB and care book i'm a little more worried about obtaing. Whats a good story (should i just be honest:confused1:) My fear is that they will think i'm a faker. KWIM. All my boutique LV purchases are usually made in Toronto so i don't really have an SA to give me the 'hookup'.:crybaby:

  2. First where did you acquire the speedy, if it was from LV, you have every right to ask for each item that was missing. If you acquired it from other than LV or Eluxury, I myself would not have the nerve to ask for anything!
  3. A reseller and I am 1000% sure it is authentic.
  4. It's kind of tuff since you got a reseller, my advice is it never hurts to try???? What's the worst that can happen... they just say no.
  5. Hmm... the care booklet is going to be a bit harder to get... if you go to the boutique and say "I didn't get a care booklet with my Epi Speedy 30..." Then they might go into the system and view your purchases, then you'll be caught lying. Then again they might not check and just give you a care booklet.

    To obtain all three, just go at different times and ask different SA's each time. ;)
  6. or u can say your now ex lover got it for you and it didnt come with blah blah blah

    or u left it at his place and got into a huge fight and cant go to his place and get it

    :smile: heheh
  7. ^:nogood::graucho:

    Well I can say that it was a gift.
  8. I didn't get care booklets with my Groom Cles or Suhali agenda and I went in to ask for them. I knew my SA well though.
    But follow John's advice and you should be fine.
  9. Or you might coin up a better excuse when you get there and ask... you never know! :shrugs:

  10. :tup::p sounds like a plan.
  11. I would try a boutique in a department store..
  12. Try it. its worth it i think.
  13. If you take the handbag with you they can see you have the real deal and may be more likely to give you what you're asking for.
  14. After reading your post, I realized I did not receive a care booklet from elux (beverly mm). I called to ask them abou this and the SA stated "We do not give out care booklets for the monogram or Epi lines". This must be something new...:confused1:
  15. Yeah, that's an interesting thing you brought up. I haven't gotten a care booklet for Monogram, Damier or Epi for the longest time now - I used to get them years ago though.