How to get addicted to tea? / Diet coke addiction

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  1. I ran a search and I couldn't find anything, so sorry if this is a duplicate!

    Anyway, as a part of becoming healthier, I have decided to stop my diet coke addiction. I've gone off diet coke this past fall (four months sober, whoo!) but without another no-calorie drink as a substitute, I gained 6 pounds :shocked: I think if got addicted to tea, I'd be fine.

    Does anyone have any tips for fostering a tea addiction? I've already gone off the diet coke, so hopefully if I just keep drinking it I'll eventually become addicted?

    I like green tea, so I ordered some loose leaf green tea samples and a little kettle-y thing. Loose leaf is supposedly better than bagged, right?
  2. i don't know if this will help since you already like green tea, but i tried a tea from Harry and David which was a mixture of green tea and strawberry. it was really good (i don't usually like tea at all) since it was a lighter taste. i could drink a lot of that particular one because it doesn't have that powerful tea taste to me.
  3. Ok, I did the exact same thing you are doing. I got off of diet coke and switched to tea. I started drinking green tea and hated it, but I just kept drinking it. I found myself drinking it because I always told myself it was good for me, even if my taste buds didn't agree. After a while I grew to love it. Now, tea, in all its forms, is pretty much all I drink.
  4. How long did it take to switch over and enjoy it? I already tentatively like green tea, so hopefully it won't take too long. I ordered a bunch of samples from adagio, so I should be able to find something I like.
  5. How about experimenting with all kinds of tea? There's so much out there, it even overwhelms me, [​IMG]
  6. I love tea, and I just make the simple Lipton tea!
  7. I make green tea smoothies, I use matcha green tea, low fat vanilla flavored soy milk, a bit of sugar or sugar substitite (I use agave nectar) & some ice & blend. It's a frothy yummy treat. I use to drink Diet Pepsi believe me after a few months you won't believe you ever drank soda
  8. ^ Yummy!

    Here are some of the samples I've ordered:
    - Green tea (x10 different types including citron and vanilla green tea!)
    - Apricot, blueberry, tangerine, chocolate, cinnamon
    - Lemongrass, peppermint, blood orange, jasmine, oriental spice, roobios, and roobios honeybush
    - White tea (silver needles)

    I have to like some of these, right? I'm getting really excited over the blood orange and white tea.
  9. trader joes makes a green tea pomegranate drink that is fairly low cal and really good! u can try that
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    Loose leaf tea is better than bagged, unless you fill the bags yourself with the loose tea or herbs. Otherwise, bagged tea is sort of like flavored water with sometimes artificial flavorings etc. Some of the organic and natural varieties are okay, but I still prefer to make it myself so I have a better idea of what is in it. If you want the health benefits associated with tea, it is probably best to go with the loose tea.

    I like to use raw organic honey in my tea. Also, a splash of fresh lemon juice will give you a healthy dose of Vitamin C.

    Currently, I have about 30 different varieties of tea. There are many varieties of loose tea available online or in international and Asian markets.
  11. Green tea smoothies are delicious with fruit. I love making these year-round.

  12. My husband was addicted to alcohol (much worse than Diet Coke!) and now he absolutely loves tea. We have a tea drawer with every kind under the sun.

    We recently took a trip to MN and at the Mall of America there is a store called Teavana (not sure where else this store is, I'd never seen it.) But they have some delicious teas that have great fruity undertones.. It's a little pricey (we spent 70 bucks on like 8 oz of loose tea) but if you have the funds, I'd suggest getting a really yummy kind.

    I love English Breakfast.

    I'd recommend following the directions really closely (certain tea requires certain water temps/minutes to soak, etc) and keep at it.

    I agree with the Diet Coke thing. I now drink Coke just because I thought about how much I love Diet and basically was enjoying the taste of chemicals.. Not so yummy when you think of it that way.

    Good luck!
  13. It took me about half a year to get hooked on green tea before that I was drinking the Starbucks Passion Tea and loved that instantly. I went to a store in Pasadena that specializes in tea. I told them what I liked and they recommended some teas. I usually go for tropical teas. BUT, if I have cramps I drink Chamomille and I love cinnamon tea instead of coffee. I brew those myself by just boiling the chomomille buds or a whole cinnamon stick.
  14. I got my samples! I've worked my way through about 6 today (whoa, tons of mini-batches) and some were great! The casablanca twist and citron green were great, but the roobios, jasmine #16, and vanilla green weren't very good at all. I need to work on finding better herbal teas (the peppermint was okay) but it generally went well!

    Just a question:
    How long would 1 pound of tea last you? Should I just stick to getting 3 oz and 6 oz?
  15. I guess it depends on how fond you are of a particular tea and how often you drink decide if it is worth buying a pound. You could continue buying sampler sizes to see which teas you like best and go from there. I have a few pounds of various teas that I bought a while ago: Thai, several varieties of green, etc. Yet, nearly every time I go to the store I purchase new tea or herbs.


    :idea: I do believe it's tea time!