How to get a Town -,, call the stores???

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  1. What is the best way to get a new bag? CHeck online or just call all the Barneys/Neiman Marcus's and Balenciaga?
  2. I know they are not out yet, but I want one as soon as possible!
  3. I'm wondering the same thing! Hopefully lovely here knows!
  4. irishjj posted this in the Aloha Rag thread:

  5. Oh wow, a Sahara town! Super tempting!!
  6. Are all Towns with Giant Hardware?
  7. No, I think they come RH also.
  8. does the town come with GGH?
  9. Just call the bal stores/ or any official distributor and get on their waiting list! :smile:
  10. I was told the Town is available in classic hw and in giant hw in either silver or rose gold. That doesn't mean all stores will order it in all the possible hws, so it leaves you to call around to find who's getting what you want.
  11. Have there been any photos or descriptions posted of the Town? I checked using the search function and couldn't find anything.
  12. Why not get on the waitlist at Balenciaga?
  13. Does anyone know what the price of the RH and GH will be?
  14. Rh $1295
    gsh $1595