How to get a non-sales retail job?

  1. I've been looking online and asked my local grocery store for stock and over night jobs. None are offered unless you work there for awhile. All the starting positions have to do with sales or cashiers. I have a medical disability that doesn't allow me to do most jobs that normal people can handle. I used to work in retail and HR told me I don't qualify for sales either. Please help, how do I get a non-sales job in retail? I looked and there are none. That places that did offer it, I applied and got no call back.
  2. I don't believe all stores would require you work there before stocking. I know several of our local grocers, target, walmart, and book stores that hire people into those positions. I would just advise casting a wide net.

    Is there a reason you're set on retail?
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    Thanks. I'll check it out. It's the clothing department stores don't offer that. I was looking at warehouse jobs.

    It's just what I can get right now.
  4. Basically apply everywhere, most stores will hire stockers off the street. Usually it takes more time to become a cashier because you handle cash it generally pays a bit more, so you usually have to work your way to become a cashier, I honestly can't think of anywhere you start off as a cashier. However if your looking for a specific time of day to work or to work certain days of the week, that's harder to do as prime shifts will go to those with seniority. You basically have to be open to working whenever they want you other wise they won't even consider you, they will move onto the next person. Generally with the exception of going to school most retail jobs will not be accommodating to working around your schedule, they are there to run a business based on their needs. If your looking to get into admin it most likely won't happen generally most stores will hire from with in for those positions, rarely do they ever out source admin positions unless it's say a new store opening.
  5. Every single store here, you start off as a cashier or have cashier positions. Where are you located and what stores do you know that will hire stockers first? I am available anytime.
  6. Light,

    I see that you live in LA but I'm not sure if that is your true location or just general. Do you have any military bases in your area. The Commissary hires stockers without them having to work in sales first. Stockers are wage-grade possitions and sales is GS. (Stockers get more in the end..)
  7. I also have disabilities that affect my ability to deal with certain high-stress situations in retail and ideally if I ever had no choice but to work in retail again I'd ask for non-customer facing roles.

    It's worth applying and emphasizing how much better you are a non-interpersonal work like stocking shelves etc if that's any help?
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