How to get a hold of Old keyfobs?

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  1. I really like these keyfobs listed...but I've searched eBay with no luck, what is my next resort?

    I know the style numbers for them all, so that's good I guess?

    What is the likelyhood JAX has these to be shipped? I've never worked with them, but if any of you have had good luck finding older bags Coach items, please let me know!




  2. lady bug is cute!
  3. The ladybug sold out when it was full price.
  4. haven't seen those for a of luck!!
  5. OMG the dog one is adorable!
  6. If JAX doesn't still have any I think your only bet is to keep checking eBay. :yes:
  7. ^^^ Yep.
  8. Those are adorable! I love the dog bone. Super cute!

    I would try JAX. If they don't have it then keep checking eBay. Just be careful, I believe it's been mentioned here before that a lot of the keyfobs on eBay are fake.
  9. I love the dog bone. Just call up your store and tell them the item number. They will tell you if they could be ordered or not. If its not available then your best bet is ebay.
  10. According to the "authenticate this" thread....

    95% of key fobs on ebay are fake.

    I wouldnt bother with ebay unless you post each one for review on the Authenicating page.... I'm having a hard time finding old ones too....
  11. Not to sound dumb, but what is JAX? I'd like to know as I've been searching for a few keyfobs too, & dont want to search on Ebay after that thread!! Thanks & good luck with your search, those keyfobs are TDF!!
  12. LOL i just found out what JAX was like a week ago hehehe

    It is the headquarters of Coach in jacksonville, fl i believe? They have an 800 # and you call and give them style number and what you want and they see if they can get it for you. Ive never used it yet, but a lot of people here do and I guess it's a very nice tool in finding what you need!

    And those keyfobs...oooo i want them all so badly :sad::sad: The bone one the most!!
  13. OMG! Call them, girl! If they have the keyfobs you want, you'll be soo happy you did! And I don't trust the ones on Ebay now anyway :smile:
  14. ty everyone:tup:

    Look what i just found on ebay but it looks used and is dirty..BOOO...cute though


    OH shoot...this one is is even cuter...:heart: ill keep my eye on thos, hehe