How to get a Hermes bag?

  1. Hi gals, first post here. I am a guy that is looking to buy my mom a Hermes bag. I don't have that much knowledge about bags. I only found out about Hermes from watching a tv show. This winter I went to Paris with my dad and bought 3 LV bags. 2 bags for my mom and 1 for my aunt. BTW, buying the bags from France was much cheaper than buying it in asia. I think we saved approx. $400 total for my mom's bags. I bought my mom the classic dark brown and light color with the classic LV design. And the other was I think a newer design. It was a black bag, with a very tiny stiching of LV to the bottom coner of the bag. In fact I would not have known its a LV unless I looked up close.
    Anyways, since I graduated from college and have a job now, I was thinking of getting my mom a Hermes bag, a way to show my appreciation for her and all the years of hardships of raising me. But the problem is that i have no idea how i would buy the bag. I have heard that these bags are ultra rare and that production is limited.
    For anyone that knows how i would go about making an order please help. Thanks!

    ps. I am in NY, so do i goto nyc 5th ave to order a bag for my mom?
  2. oh kaska, that is very nice of you would like to give your mom a hermes bag...

    first of all, what kind of hermes bag that you would like to give to your mom? if you're lookin for a birkin, then it is soooo hard to get a hermes bag from hermes store in NYC, you should put a waiting list first and wait, since each hermes store except main boutique in france have birkin quota. The price is also very expensive the least expensive is around US$ 7000. But if you be able to fly to france, you can just buy it directly from the boutique and give it to your mom since they dont accept waiting list. Just remember that you go there in the middle day around 1-3 pm where the bag is ship to the stores.

    if you would like to buy a kelly (the one that named before grace kelly) which also very nice and coveted, i'm sure you could be able to get her from the NYC boutique, since it is pretty much obtainable.

    If you would like to buy other bags, then you can just walk to any hermes store, purchase it, and bring it to your mom.

    You are very nice. I'm sure your mom will be very proud to have you
  3. Hi and welcome Kaska. You will find masses of amazing advice in the Hermes sub-forum and it is probably a good idea to ask a mod. to redirect your message. That way you'll get great help from the real experts - they have been brilliant in my quest to learn more about Hermes. Oh, and what a lovely son you are!
  4. Kaska - Welcome!

    If I were you I would look into Bolides, Plums and Evelyns for your mom. What a great son you are! With great taste! :tup:
  5. Hey if you need a sister, I'm available! :graucho:

    Welcome to the forum!
  6. You are a wonderful son.
  7. wow soo sweet of you! get your mum a birkin!!!
  8. wow. a hermes for mom? wow.
  9. moving to the Hermes Forum for you ;) . . . . .
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  11. Hi there and welcom to the forum!

    1st question: Can I adopt you?
    Just kidding.

    A bag for a woman is a very personal thing and an Hermes bag is truly special.

    What you should do is this (IMO): go visit the boutique, find a SA, tell them about your plan, tell them about your mom and then ask them to help you with a selection that is also in your budget.
    Then take your mom on a magical mistery tour (nice lunch, etc) that ends at Hermes and present her with the choice and let her choose.
    And let us know how it goes!!!
  12. What a wonderful son you are!
  13. wow! hello2703...your plan is dreamy:smile:

    I hope...someday one of my babies will do the same thing to me too...ppfftt! they will say, you already have H bags mum!:p
  14. HI Kaska,

    I agree with Hello in that a woman's handbag is a very personal thing and many women do not like certain types of bags. My mother for example, hates bags with zippers. Hermes has many styles to choose from. So you may want to star off here:
    Browse the different styles and see which ones are most similar to what your Mom likes to carry.

    Also, talk with your Dad. He may have some insigt into her style as well.

    As far as rarity, it depends on the style, color, and leather. Yes Birkin are hard to come by, but Hermes makes many other bags to choose from. Also, you are in luck in that you have many stores in the NY area to choose from, so yes, The Madison Ave store is there, but you also have Manhasset if you can travel, Wall St (opens tomorrow), and a store in Greenwich CT. If one store does not prove fruitful, there are many nearby relatively speaking.

    Also, don't discount a scarf or a smaller leather accesory for you mom...they are just as lovely.
  15. I really hope my two boys grow up to be just like you!
    Do you know if your mom has a special fondness for a particular Hermes style? Are you thinking of surprising her or could you involve her in the choosing process?