How to Get a Coach Hangtag?

  1. I just received an older Stewardess Bag from my cousin. It does not have the hang tag. I have heard that you can contact Coach and get one- is this true? Would I just contact their customer service and get one?
  2. Yes. Just give them the style # and if they have it they will send it for free
  3. if they don't have one, you can always look on eBay:yes:
  4. I called Coach's 800# to get one for my 2006 Legacy Leather Shoulder Bag that I got on eBay (didn't tell them that, of course) and they ended up sending an all gold hangtag instead. So I asked my SA at the boutique and she grabbed one from the back.

    She said whenever they have damaged merchandise they have to (hold your breath, girls) CUT THE PRODUCT WITH A BOX CUTTER and throw it away. She said after they're done crying over what they just had to do, they remove the hangtags and keep them in the back for such an occassion!
  5. :wtf: OMG!!! You're not kidding "hold your breath"
  6. omg thats horrible! my heart be still!!!! I had the same issue, i called coach and they sent a tag right away, but it was the wrong color lol. It was for a scribble hobo with the white backround and multicolor Cs.. and that bag h ad a bunch of different colored zip pulls. I told her it was a dark lime green and she seriously sent me the brightest yellowest green. oh well, i didnt feel like calling again. so i just didnt put it on. but yeah they will hook you up. they were very nice...

    ps im going to try to erase that thing about cutting up bags from my mind!!!
  7. IMO, it's hit or miss on getting the correct hang tag when you call and request one...some people have good luck, some don't (ahem, me. heheh)
  8. OMG!
  9. Oh my gosh, that's too painful to imagine.
  10. OMG!!! I can' is burned into my brain!!! LOL :hrmm: