How to get a Birkin

  1. How do you get a Hermes Birkin bag? Its not possibel to just pop into a Hermes shop and get one is it?
  2. If you are lucky, yes. :yes: Some H boutiques have some birkins on the shelves. The boutique in Tokyo does.... many of them also. ;)
  3. :yes: You just have to be at the right place, at the right time. I have seen them on the shelves too.
  4. Does anyone have the price on the cheapest ones?
  5. Someone can correct me, but I think that they go for around $7400 USD or thereabouts these days in the store, for standard skins.
  6. Yup Pepper, that's about right for a 35cm. A 30cm in a basic skin may go for $7K but that's as low as I've seen them recently.
  7. I think I paid 7500 for my 35 togo in April.
  8. I paid 7k + tax for my 30 cm Togo Birkin just a few weeks ago
  9. Do you Birkin owners think its worth it?
  10. yes! obviously otherwise i would not have bought it. but it depends why you want one in the first place
  11. But of course! It's a holy grail!
  12. For me, it remains to be seen. But so far, I think it's worth it :yes:
  13. Kariannne, I feel most of us that have the Birkin style and use it, enjoy it, from the posts I've seen. Although, there are many who also love other styles in addition to the Birkin. And, some of us may prefer other styles more.

    Were you asking if the Birkin is worth the price? If you feeling is that money is just money and the Birkin price is more or less here to stay if you KWIM??

    Do you like this style bag and feel you would enjoy using it?? I feel that's what makes a bag, worth it.

    It's a open tote, which took me some time to get used to because unless you latch it up everytime you use it, it hangs open as totes do... which some ladies like, and some perhaps, do not.

    It does not have a shoulder strap, obviously, and carrying it on the arm may not always be convenient.....if you have, say, a small child or are carrying several things.

    I find my Kellys much more convenient as a style piece.....than the Birkin, even with having to open and close the Kelly ( which is not a problem and takes half a second;))

    That said, I DO use and enjoy my Birkin & HAC, and will continue to be on the lookout for this style as time goes by but don't find the style "quite" as convenient as other Hermes mainly because I really prefer a shoulder strap.
  14. en,I boutht my first brikin 30 in china.around 9K including tax. pretty expensive ,right? I knew it's much cheaper if you buy it in other country....But...whatever ,it doesn't long as I enjoy having it.
  15. A Hermes Birkin is only worth the money.........If you want a high end, hand stitched, handbag made with the finest leathers available. If you are truly in love with the Hermes brand and not just the Birkin bag. If you are not looking for the latest "It" bag. The Hermes styles really don't change that much, which is appealing to me as I am a traditional person and love the timeless look of the Kelly, the Bolide and the Birkin.
    If when you see and hold your first Hermes Birkin your heart says you are in love with the bag and can't get it out of your mind, then it truly becomes worth the cost in every way.