How to get a Berkin bag???

  1. Like many fellow bag lovers on TPF, the number one item on my wish list is the Berkin bag. I've decided I'm going to get it for my upcoming birthday. Now, how to get one is a big mystery to me.

    I admit I've never inquired about it at a Hermes store (they never have a Birkin on display!) but I've heard all these stories about huge year-long waiting lists for them and even if you manage to get one, you don't get the choose the color. You basically have to take what they've allocated you. Though they look fab in almost all color, if I'm paying that much for one, I want to choose my color, darn it!

    So here are my questions:
    1. How does one get one and is there really a wait list for them? How long does one have to wait?
    2. Do you really not get to choose the color?
    3. What are the various sizes and the approximate price for each?

    Would appreciate any photos of you holding the bag so I can see what each size looks like.

    Thanks all!
  2. Check out the Hermes subforum. It is really overwhelming!!! You will learn more than you ever knew you didn't know. :amazed:

    I would suggest reading for a while first. There really is so much information in that forum that answer your questions. And make sure to spell it Birkin not Berkin!!! ;)
  3. Thanks lawchick. As you can tell, I'm fairly new around here. The abundance of info in the Hermes forum is amazing!

    And I can't believe my mis-spelling. If the Birkin god saw that, I'd be forever banned from ever getting one!
  4. Now you have me interested. I have never been to the Hermes board because I could never afford one. You have to wait a year and you don't get to pick the colour????? :wtf:
  5. I think reading the reference threads on the Hermes subforum will answer your questions :yes:

    In general, Birkins are to be special ordered, and the waiting time depends on what kind of leather and color is available. It can take from 6 months to over 2 years.

    Otherwise, you can purchase canceled order Birkins at the Hermes boutique. However, obtaining a Birkin this way is pure luck. You have to be at the right place at the right time, and catch an Hermes SA in the right mood. However, the drawback to purchasing a Birkin this way is that you have to take what is offered. If it's not the color/size/hardware you prefer, then...tough beans! :p