How to get a baby paddy????

  1. Hi there,

    i really do love those baby paddys!!

    I am wondering how to find one? I am looking for black oder a dark metallic one. But I can not find any shop to buy one :shrugs:

    Is there anyone who can tell me??
  2. wow, diabora!!!
    Does anybody know, if they do ship to europe? Or does anyone has any experiences with their service?

    I already placed a order at luisaviaroma (I'm from Germany). But that is gold, isn't it?
  3. Wow diabro has a huge selection. Is this a trustable seller????
  4. ^Diabro sells authentic goods - I would try them as they have a large selection and they ship worldwide i think!
  5. you may want to do a search for them in the forum, some members have had problems.