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  1. Today I had a prescreen interview with a hiring manager who wants me to come for another interview. Yay!

    Here's the thing: it was set up by an HR person from a remote location. I have no way to directly thank the hiring manager for the interview. I don't have an email for the manager. For me, it's a breach of etiquette, because I do it 99 percent of the time. (I don't bother with disastrous interviews.) So what to do. At this point, I do have an appointment set up for Tuesday. Unfortunately, they are not on linkedin.

    Any advice? I hate when they do this.

    Thanks for reading.
  2. I'm not following. You want to thank the hiring manager for the interview before your interview?
  3. You mean like a phone interview?
  4. I had the phone interview. So I always follow up with a thank you/reply. They have scheduled me for second interview on Tuesday. But I didn't have an email to follow up with. Just from the HR person.
  5. Email your thank you to the HR person and ask that s/he forward it to the hiring manager with whom you spoke. This is a very common practice these days with people working in different locations.

    Good luck on your next rounds of interviews!
  6. Thank you! I did it. So we will see how this goes. It looks like the perfect job for me.