How to fold a SHIRT in 3 SECONDS!

  1. wow.. interesting!!!! thanks :flowers:
  2. Wish someone could show me a clever way to fold a fitted sheet!!!!!
  3. looks so simple but I can't do it!!!!!
  4. Whoa that is so cool! Sometimes I get to be such a perfectionist it bothers me when I don't fold something right or its uneven/has poky bits. LOL no I'm not OCD. Ditto on the fitted sheets..those are a killer! I'm sure they have a video for that too, doubt itd be three seconds though.
  5. And here's the same thing in English, I thought just watching was fine and this wasn't necessary but it does help better:

    Only wish she did her bed and chose a nicer tshirt and propped the shirt up higher in the bed for her example:roflmfao: