How to "fix" shoes that are too big?

  1. I have a couple of pairs of shoes that I got for a great price at Dillards, problem is they are about a half size too big. They are just big enough to slip in the back when I walk. Is there any way to fix this? What have you done that has worked?
  2. i've put some foot shoe padding (those u can get in rite aid). They are gel-like material, and non-slip (and gives u some extra 'tightness') so your feet wont slip in the back. works for me.
  3. Nothing works well enough for me. I always end up returning or selling shoes that don't work.
  4. I have tried a few different inserts, and the only thing that has worked for me are these inserts from Aldo - I just bought them and they're awesome! They are machine washable too, which is nice (almost a terry cloth material on top). Anyway, they told me to buy a size smaller in them than the shoe was otherwise it would be too tight. It totally worked and the shoes fit great now. I think they come in white and black.
  5. Try foot petals to prevent your feet from sliding forward.
  6. you can try the above, or similarly, I get my cobbler to raise the insoles in the front and putting some extra padding to shift the feet upward which helps to fill in the gap near the back now. It looks better this way cuz you don't see the obvious pads. If it's still too big, try to add heel pad in the back, but there's no way to conceal this now.
  7. I definitely recommend Foot Petals.
    **READ OUR RULES!!**
    They work great for making slightly large shoes fit.
  8. I have this problem, and use a gel insole and/or heel grips to prevent slipping, good luck ;)
  9. if they're normal pumps or boots and not mules or sandals you can try to use gel-cussions and I myself had a pair of too big louboutins once and put just two cotton-wool pads (I'm sure if it is called so, you know the thingies you use to demake-up) inside the front of the shoe and it worked fine for me. . .

  10. That's brilliant! You may have saved me from just staring at a pair of Louboutins that have been sitting in my closet because they're too big! Thank you!
  11. So I have a related question - I always see pics of celebs with higher heels and there is a noticeable space in the back part of the shoe - is it totally tacky to have your heel slip out or is that the way you should purchase "higher heels"? I have a pair of CLs that I purchased in an 8 because the 7 was far too tight - the 8 fits but does allow my heel to slip out when I walk...
  12. hi princess,

    that's exactly the problem I had with my louboutins ( see my post above) and I didn't like it because my "walk" wasn't that elegant and the heel clicked loud on the floor/ground! So maybe you should just tryout one of the advises the girls gave fashion16. My is probably the cheapest and if you should notice that it works for you, you can always bring them to the cobbler and get it done properly:smile:
  13. I have a pair of BV boots that are too big, i was told you can get the boot opening taken in? is this true? i dont want to ruin the boots though, anyone had is done to their boots?

    For other shoes that are too big i always put thick insole+heel gel. =)
  14. I recently bought a pair of "town shoes" brand (for $15 and worked well with my outfit) and it's strange how I tried on both an 8.5 and it was too tight, and the 9 was too loose. I went with the 9 but they're a bit loose.

    The tips here sound good, I'm going to try them.
  15. i once had a pair of shoes that were too big. the FIRST time I tried to walk in them, i lost an entire shoe--it FELL through one of the grates on the city sidewalks!