How to Fix A Chloe Padlock????

  1. Hello All!! This is my first post at the Purse ANY blog actually, so I hope I'm doing this correctly!!! My name is Lisa, and my one claim to fame in the designer purse realm is my Chloe Paddington. The padlock began malfunctioning (stiff to open and close) and then it stopped working all together--once opened, it would not close again. I removed the bottom of the padlock and it appears that one of the two tiny springs in the bottom of the lock had fallen out of place. In trying to realign those springs, I managed to lose one, so now the lock REALLY doesn't work. Can anyone tell me where a this can be fixed? If it can't be fixed, is it possible to find a replacement? If so, where?
    Thanks in advance for any help and I apologize if this question has been asked before and I didn't see it!!:shame:
  2. I did that to my first paddy. A Choco brown satchel. I was about to cry when I broke that lock. I went back to Nordies and asked them to fix it for me. They sent it off and I got it fixed.
  3. Hi Lilly,
    The exact same thing has just happened to me too :sad:

    I emailed Chloe, who told me that they were so sorry and could I contact my nearest Chloe boutique who would explain the repairs procedure :smile:

    I actually called the store I purchased it from in the end, and they are more than happy to fix it, BUT Chloe actually closes down for the entire August, so they advised me to ship it over to them beginning of Sept, and they send it straight over for repair (its free of charge). So contact your selling boutique or whoever is closest to you, and ask them to carry through with the chloe returns procedure and they will sort it out for you.

    Hope that helps, Julie
  4. oh, and a big welcome to you by the way Lily. Welcome to the forums :biggrin:
  5. You guys are so helpful...I had not opened my lock for fear of breaking it.:love:
  6. Thanks to everyone for taking the time to help me out!!