How to fix a broken Bayswater lock?

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  1. Can anyone recommend where/how I can fix the lock of my bayswater bag?

    The little turn part of the postman's lock has snapped off (mechanism stuck inside).

    Any suggestions gratefully received.
  2. You should be able to send it back to repairs at Mulberry but they require the proof of purchase I think to show it's genuine.:graucho:
  3. Hi, sorry to hear your Bays is broken. I've used the Mulberry Repair department a few times and found them to be really good although sometimes it takes a few weeks for your to get your bag back. Contact details are
    Samantha Broughton
    Mulberry Repairs
    01749 822132
    I have sent pre-owned bags that I didn't have any proof of purchase of. They would confiscate a replica tho! If your bag is within a year of purchase and still under guarrantee then you will need a receipt. Good luck!
  4. Oh that's great news I got really worried when you said they needed a receipt I have an old Roxy that needs some repair but I bought her 5 years ago maybe longer and have no receipt x
  5. Sorry Nlichtman, I should have said that was for repairs within a year of purchase as mine was. Doh!!!! Didn't want to confuse you.:nuts:
  6. I had the lock of my Bays snap off when I fell off my bike - I took it to Mulberry and they took it in for repairs, free of charge and I didn't need to have the receipt. It took about 3 weeks and came back looking perfect :yes: