How to fit "working out" into your daily schedule?

  1. Hi ladies,
    My baby is now 7.5 months old and I have been doing very little to stay fit. I lost almost all my baby wieght about 2 months after I gave birth doing almost nothing (which is a blessing!!!) .. what little I have left is obviously concentrated arpund my mid-section and I want that off!!!
    I do have a live-in helper but I can't leave the baby with her not even for an hour EXCEPT if he is asleep and I KNOW he wont wake before I come back home .. so you see fitting a work out schedule into my daily life (with two other kids who are in grade school and preschool) is kindof hard since I can't leave baby for too long and the gym isnt exactly in the neighborhood ..
    How do you ladies do it? How do you manage a work out scheduale around breastfeeding times, parenting your other kids, your social life, your new baby's demands etc. ... help me out please ...
    My grade schooler goes to school from 7 to 2:30 ... my preschooler is out from 8 to 12:30 .. and my 7.5 month old's longest nap is about 2.5 - 3 hours but it is around late afternoon when its study time!! .. Plus I am writing my dissertation now :sad: ... any suggestions?????????????? Shoudl I get myself a treadmill at home? .. is that enough? or is a REAL workout at the gym with all the equipment better? .. Or maybe if I add a strict diet (that accomodates breastfeeding??) .. ahhhhhhhhhhh
  2. Wow, what a hectic schedule you have!! If the treadmill is your thing, go for it!! Of course it's a good workout. Anything works if you stay with it. No way do you need all the fancy gym equipment. And of course, a healthy diet is definately going to speed up your results. In my case starting a routine helps prevent you from eating junk. You work out so hard and you don't want to mess that up afterward by reaching for some fast food. Good luck to you!
  3. I have an eliptical in my home, so why my son naps, I get my workout. When he was a neborn I would wear him in a sling and do a mild workout, he always fell asleep and the extra 20 pounds of baby was great for the workout! lol!
    I have 2 older ones also, whom I had to pick up from school (private school in a diff town), it was crazy but having the equipment at home is the best way to go. I have it in my Master bath looking out to the deck and woods beyond, nice view!
    Good luck
  4. I think the elliptical at home is a great idea if you would really use one and have room for it. I've wanted one for a while, but DH is very opposed to the idea, since almost everyone we know who has gym equipment at home doesn't use it.

    Maybe also check if you can have a trainer come to your house. I have one coming twice a week now while I'm pregnant (I have 3 Pilates lessons a week as well, but I go to the studio for that.) I lucked out in finding mine -- when I called the gym to check on the availability of a friend's trainer, she didn't have hours at the gym, but she had hours on her days off where she'd come to my place. It's $20 LESS than if I went to her at the gym, and I don't have to worry about crowds, etc. But I'm sure if you start asking around you can find someone as well. If you get someone good, they should be able to work you pretty well with your own body weight, and maybe some resistance bands and light weights. If you really want to work your core, Pilates wouldn't be a bad idea, and you could easily get a DVD or something to do at home as well.
  5. I'm struggling with finding time right now, too, but one thing I found that works is just working out for 10 minutes at a time. Studies have shown that these small bursts throughout the day and week are as effective as longer sessions. Sometimes, we think if we can't work out for an hour, we don't do anything. It all adds up--start small and grab some weights or do some crunches when you have a few minutes.

    I'm trying to get back on track as well and this strategy has helped me--especially after I had my twin boys. You get momentum going and end up finding ways to work out more often. Good luck!
  6. thanks everyone!! I will try to find myself some time to do some sit ups at least while the baby is occupied or sleeping .. but sometimes I am like "I need these few minutes to relax!! I just wana soak in the tub!" haha ... so doing something about my body gets postponed and postponed throughout the day .. I heard someone saying once that you should NEVER say I dont have "time" for excercise (or anything else) .. if it was a priority for you you WILL find or MAKE time for it .. but since it isnt a priority (or you dont make it one) then there will NEVER be enough time for it .. we have all the time in the WORLD but we CHOOSE to spend it on other stuff that we feel are more "important" to us ..
    I guess its all a matter of time management and prioritizing then ha? ..
  7. def get a tread or ellip to work out at home while the baby sleeps. you can even get some pilates and/or workout DVDs to do as well. and if you get bored then put him in a stroller and go for a 30 or 40 min walk. and of course just keep eating healthy.
  8. How bout a jogging stroller..take the preschooler and 7month old on outside jogging trips! Kill two birds with one stone. You get cardio and the kids get out and experience nature.
  9. I was going to suggest this as well. Every morning I walk 3.5 miles with my neighbor that has a 1 yr. old. I would always see her walking around the neighborhood at least twice a day with the stroller and her dog. I thought she was so good for being so determined. Her and I met and became friends and now I walk with her and it's nice because she never gets lazy or skips a day so she keeps up my motivation. And our walks don't seem so much like exercise because we're just chatting away the whole time... even though sometimes I can barely even catch my breath haha. They also have a program in my city and surrounding cities called Stroller Strides. I think a bunch of moms get together and walk with their babies. I haven't looked into it really, but maybe it's something you would be interested in?
  10. I agree with Charles on this~ This is what I do with my sons:tup:
  11. I have a pilates DVD and I take my kids to the park and walk with my 10 month old in the stroller and my 3 year old riding his bike. They love it.
  12. I work out at home - pilates and ballet, and I walk as much as I can. I just can't manage going somewhere for a workout, between work, the house, my son etc. I did take lessons for years in ballet when I was younger though - so it should be something you ahvve been instructed in before
  13. I do pilates at home too. The easiest way is to get hold of a good video and work out at home.
  14. I still think that if you can afford it, thinking about a trainer at home a couple of times a week is a great idea, since it reinforces being committed to it. I'm personally WAAAY less likely to bail on that than on some of the other things I do. This week, for example, I've had a migraine since Monday. If I were trying to motivate myself to exercise yesterday, I totally would have bailed on it. But since the trainer was coming to my house, I didn't want to cancel on her, and I exercised when I totally wouldn't have otherwise. It's much easier to put off the walk, or the pilates DVD, or whatever when it's just you.
  15. Does your gym (or anywhere) offer Mommy & Me fitness classes? Maybe you can look into those.