How to fit Paddy (& Silverado) with a Classic-Style Gal ? (photos?!)

  1. Hello. I have loved the Paddy, despite the edgy/urban/trendy details not being me, I just love it. I mostly loved the satchel shape, a brown colour and most of all: the side belts. I didn't even like locks! Well I really DO love the Paddy though!!! The details are great, so well made. The leather is buttery and I just love it.

    But I haven't gone out, because I've been working on at-home things like eBay selling, blog layout fixing (big job) and ... dun dun dun ... filling out college applications! (And I've missed the nice days to go out before CHILL! But I have to get work done. :s)

    SO I have not really gone out in outfits with the Paddy yet.

    I have two planned. A simple jeans and my fave:heart: navy sweatshirt for extremely casjh outings, like the grocery (I could have gone today, but I had to get stuff done) or errands. Then I have my brown zebra printed sweater for a young/trendy/hip look, which will go with the Paddy very well.

    But those outfits aren't my usual - I'm often very ladylike and classic. Can I fit my Paddy in?? Do you think the Paddy even goes with my personality style, like can you justify me owning one? (I love her! So it's not like I would sell her anyway!!!!!!)

    Also, I like the Silverado, and at some point I'd like one, but I don't know which. Same thing applies, since it looks sort of western to me.

    So along with any tips, etc., could you post Chloe' s in action, but with girly clothes, etc.? Like that thread, but I didn't see much with my style, and I'm worried. If anyone has some clothes in that style, can you take pictures when you can? (Have a fun dress up photography session??)

    When I can, I'll try to take pics of me with her, but I can't get good photographs of my full body taking it myself like that. My mirror stinks for it and stuff.

    And then the Silverado ... I'd like to see any pictures of Silverados that might suit me best! I think I like the Silver or perhaps a Python (but I couldn't afford it) and I like snakes in green, if that was made. I'm thinking Silver, but I want to see options. :smile:

    TIA SO MUCH!!!!!
  2. Is your style anything like Chloe ready to wear fashion?
    I would consider my style somewhat classic. I like clean lines. Perhaps I tend to get a lil too hard in the lines, accenting the hardness with too much black! I have stepped out of my box with browns and have added quite a few chloe-esque sheer tops (with camis of course!) to add with my jeans/slacks. I really like it! It looks so cute, soft and fresh with my new bags!
    What do you mean by ladylike?
    Consider the way most people carry their Paddy or Silverado (on the forearm). That, in itself, gives the bag a somewhat feminine character. I think the bags are very versitile (spec. the Paddy)!
  3. oh, hmwe might be able to help u out... I believe, she does wears both her paddy and silverado w/ her professional attire (which is conservative). I think the paddy adds edge to classic pieces. I think the silverado *can* tend to look western if its done in a plain colored leather. the python and metallic ones don't have that western appeal..
  4. Agreed!! :yes: I use my paddy's as an eyepopper :nuts: For example, today I wore a pair of cream color jeans, a pair of plain black falts, and my rouge paddy. Perfect! When I walked into Tiffany's the sales gal immediately asked if my bag was a paddy. She gushed over it for ages.

    In the office the thing that stands most is my handbag :p

    The python silverado looks so rich and lush it really picks up an outfit.

    I used to say that a great pair of shoes can make or break an outfit, but a fun and fantastic purse make it POP! :supacool:

  5. Thanks!

    No my style is not like Chloe''s apparel.

    I'm going to lay some outfits out that I think I would wear with it! But I won't be WEARING them, so I don't think it photos would go in the "in action" thread, so I'll free to put them here. :smile:

    Ladylike hmmm... FOR ME, well, I'm sometimes ladylike or nerdy or classic or glamorous MAYBE... well, I like ties, ribbons, bows, ruffles ... 50s flare skirts ... flats! (that CAN be ladylike) ... capelets ... cream and black ... basic but elegant sweaters ... blazers ... argyle ... light on patterns, but patterns might be floral ... at least I do wear a lot of brown vs. black (unless it's that black and white)

    Now I'm going to go pull out some clothes!! I'm sort of limited with the weather here ... I don't want to go into warm clothing now. Heh.

    See ya!
  6. Here are my two "younger" outfits, that I know will go. (Esp. since the Sweater is a Juniors and the sweatshirt, besides being a sweatshirt, is obviously Aeropostale.) I feel these definitely go.

    This is all I've photographed. Ee.
    Patty_Outfit_Sweatshirt_jeans.jpg Paddy_Outfit_Zebra_Jeans.jpg
  7. That looks cute!
    I would carry your Paddy as often as you like! You don't need a special outfilt. A great purse (like yours) can make the outfit!
    Throw on a pair of sweats, grab your books and Paddy...and whalah! look absolutely wonderful for class or errands!
  8. I guess it's a matter of perspective and personal style? I think the Paddy is VERY versatile and I pair it with casual AND formal attire!

    For example, last night I was wearing it with sweatpants and sweatshirt while out for a quick grocery run and today I'm wearing it at work with a Skirt-suit!
  9. Thanks, girls. :nuts: I'm going to MAKE IT WORK with as much as I can! Ha ha. Because I want to carry this bag a lot! Which means I can justify another Paddy, right??!
  10. I wear casual clothes with my choc brown Paddy. Last time I wore a camouflage-style leaf print t-shirt, dark denim pencil skirt, and cherry print slides. Another time I wore a brown mushroom print t-shirt, green military jacket, dark denim slim fit jeans, and mocha brown slides.
  11. Both those outfits are perfect! I say anything goes, it's not about matching the bag per se, it's more about your own personal style and only you can define what that really is!! But the options that you gave us are totally cute!! I have a paddy that I currently carry and during the day I take it to work where I dress business proffessional (health care proffessional) and at night it's jeans and pumps if I'm going out, otherwise it's sweats or jeans and sneakers or frye boots. And no matter what, my paddy goes! I do not let the look of the bag define my clothing, I define the look of my bag!
  12. Okay, so here is my very classic, sophisticated-styled coat with my Paddy:


    I want to take many more pictures with outfits, but when I get home I'm tired and just change. :p