How to find out where the clothes are really manufactured ?

  1. Is there a website or something where I can get these informations ? I am especially interested in the french Designers (like Paul and Joe, Vanessa Bruno), but others too !!

    There was a talk about one french designer going to manufacture their clothes to North Africa and I thought this is ridiculous the prices I am paying, OK I like the style an the quality but also I hope somehow to contribute helping the french industry and give jobs (in this context of official 10% unemployment in our country and growing poverty), and then you have these people who just are so greedy they want bigger margins !
    I know what to expect when buying cheap H&M, but Designer...come on!!
    So yes, the labels might say "made in france" but you never's like Prada claiming "made in Italy" whereas all they do is add a zipper in Italy, and Burberry moving to China....I am simply not buying those brands....
    Thanks !
  2. Probably the best place will be the websites or public relations offices of the companies themselves, because they are the best authorities on just what information they want the people who buy their products to know!
  3. I agree with you 100%!
    Any designer's that wants a bigger margin by going "foreign manufacturer" will lose my business as well. When I buy Italian, I want Italian workmanship. I want to buy "pride" that is crafted by them... not other country.

    Can you imagine investinging a supposedly "hand painted" traditional (a tradition that is a dying art in Japan)kimono but come to find out it is hand painted by the chinese??? What is the point in investing in craftmanship then!!!

    That is why, I quit buying Coach too... most their bags are "Made in China". I personally have issue with Chinese good because of their "humanity" issue... the chinese really do not care what they put (they cut corners like crazy) in their products "if the paints are deadly to human health". Can you imagine your friend's baby happens to play with your designer's coin purse (that contains lead paint made by these inhumane countries) and accidentally put it in their mouth...

    If I support and buy from them countries, I will be supporting inhumane activities and abuse of its people by these countries and inadvertly may kill our own country's economy, employment opportunities and then our people.

    Think big picture! No support of inhumanity!
    I'd rather quit buying totally!
  4. ^But I do think the quality and safety is serioulsy controlled by the company.
    "made in China" doesn't necessarily mean "inhuman and poor and deadly quality", but u know for a fact that it's meant to cut the cost, bc salaries are lower.
    I know which company you are refering to with the toxic paint, but there are more expensive brands out there (who really emphasize on quality) and are told for a result by their consumers that their prices are too you get what you pay for. But what I don't get is when you are willing to pay more and still feel "cheated".
  5. "made in China" doesn't necessarily mean "inhuman and poor and deadly quality"


    Just research on the piled on "problems" with Chinese goods... from Dutch mattresses to Australia Kids clothes to US and even within Chinese food products for their own people... do you know how many of us overseas' chinese that would not buy food that is produced in china (chemicals put into food)? Some Vietnamese pho products (and I love pho) that is produced in china have problems too... just read about it.

    If we the chinese ourselves won't eat it, will NOT feed it to our kids (Oh, they took off a headline on 300 kids having food poisoning from Yahoo, so they can protect their own government! I saw it one morning, but by afternoon, it was taken off the headlines!)... will anyone else want to consume it? Yet for profit, they (the people who make the profits off these tainted products) will not care if a child were to consume it then get brain damages from it... all for a penny more? Choosing money over a human life IS inhumane!

    And to think China actually contributed food to N. Korea as a political move... think what kind of food they are feeding their OWN people!

    I have Chinese blood and I want China's government to CHANGE before the chinese looses more face on the quality of their products.

    A poison I don't eat is something I will not serve another, especially to kids!
  6. its required by law that clothes have a ca or ra number printed on the label. those numbers indicate what factory the clothes were produced at. follow the other girls directions about finding the factories and hopefully you can plug in these numbers and it will give you the exact location of where they were produced. hope this somehow helps. :smile:
  7. :true:
  8. The majority of Ralph Laurens Blue, Black and Purple label clothes are made in China, and finished in the US. Having worked for RL in PR, I know this for a fact.