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  1. Okay, this is really a sign that I should go to bed.

    Anyhow, I noticed how often there are posts in the forums requesting names of scarves posted on There IS a way to find out directly from the website, although it's a bit tricky.

    Here goes:
    1. Browse to the scarf that you are interested in, make sure the picture of the scarf is displayed.
    2. From your browser menu, do "view->page source"
    3. A new window will appear with loooooong html code. Don't worry.
    4. Search for the string/text 'long description' in this document.
    5. Once the line containing 'long description' is found, you can see there is a LOT of relevant info on the scarf, including its name!

    I've tested this in both internet explorer and firefox.
  2. cool!
  3. I Just Tested It On MAC....View & View Source
  4. Nice work tods - very handy!
    :flowers: :flowers:
  5. Thank you! Looking through the scripts is painful but worth it!
  6. Oh wait! I could use the "search" function for "long description" to get to what you'd just described! Cool!:yahoo:
  7. ^^^ mrssparkles, yes I meant using the search from the menu, it's usually under "Edit".

    I am sorry that you had to read through all of it the first time around! Must be quite tedious.
  8. :yahoo: Thanks!!!!
  9. Thank you! I have always wondered about names of scarves....:flowers:
  10. that beats what I was doing before *knocks head on keyboard*

    right clicking and zooming in to locate the name on the scarf...and you can only find like one name out of every 4 scarves :biggrin:
  11. Y'all, I'm using internet explorer, (I think. Maybe. Um) and I'm not sure where to look for the "view" function? Help?

    Neeya's a step ahead of me. I didn't realize you could zoom in until I was searching last night for the view thingy.
  12. ^^^ gga, you must be using internet explorer 7, the new version (woohoo). Microsoft changed the look of the internet explorer in this version.

    So go to "page" (it is to the side, next to all the tabs. It's the 4th button after home, feeds, print). About half way down the pull-down menu, you should see "view source".
  13. And from this day forward, tods123 shalt be as a goddess to me and mine.

    You totally rock. I found it. Cool, cool, cool.
  14. Wow, tods, this is fantastic! It even works on the French Hermes website since the source code info is written in English. I'm thrilled to learn how to do this, but also reminded just how computer illiterate I am. Thank goodness for people like you, tods, who are willing to share their knowledge.
  15. tods123, Very helpful...thank you. I can hear the sigh of relief from Hermes SA's on both continents. Not to mention the people who manage the 1-800 number.
Thread Status:
Not open for further replies.