How to find authenticators?

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  1. Hi
    Sorry if this has been done - I can't find it. Is there a list of the official authenticators for each brand? I've been out of the loop for a while and now I've come back, I can't work out who are the official autheticators for my favourite brands - the old ones seem to have left/gone quiet. So far, there are numerous opinions and I can't work out who I should listen to!!

    many thanks

  2. Authentifications are ONLY an opinion....ANYONE can authenticate here.....
    just look in the forums AUTH THIS threads and see who contributes alot and seems to really know the brand..GL
    There is NO list
  3. every designer forum has an "Authenticate This" thread, when you post an inquiry in them, the authenticators will find it and respond :yes:
  4. OK, thanks for clarifying that. I am a bit confused though - on one thread I follow, one of the "authenticators" told a member off for authenticating when she wasn't really an "expert". Is this not allowed??:shrugs:
  5. I'd have to see, please report it :yes:
    We don't allow members to be rude or offensive.
  6. Thanks Swanky - I'll PM you when I see it happen again. Thanks for the clarification :tup: