How to find a last season Coach???


Feb 1, 2006
Yesterday I fell in love:smile: With a Coach Scarf Print Hamptons bag. It is Fall 2005 and no longer in stores. I dont live near any Coach Outlets so I can't just go look there. How do you all go about finding bags in new condition after they have left the stores. Do I call every outlet and hope to find one and hope they can mail it to me? Do I buy one off ebay and pray it isnt a fake or in bad condition????

Ack help please.
This is the purse on ebay:
You probably won't be able to find this through a Coach outlet, due to the fact that this particular print was a very sought after limited edition last fall. The Ebay auction you attached looks good, the person probably buys stuff from the Coach outlet stores. I would email and ask them if it is from an outlet, and perhaps if they would send you a photo of the inside of the bag. I haven't seen any of these bags in a store since last fall. I own the scarf that has that same print, and it is absolutely gorgeous. The bag was beautiful when we had it in the store, but not something that you could wear everyday. It is very delicate material, and you would have to be pretty careful with it.
maybe ur best shot is ebay (in terms of finding it!)..:oh:
it looks lovely i must say :love: !! but why is it priced so low? :amazed: from an outlet ? (sorry i havent read the describtion on the links !:weird:smile:

good luck :biggrin:
It does look really low priced, but thats why I am wondering if they are real. Also I haven't seen a real one in detail so I dont have anything to compare then to. Like the inside lining or the poms on the zipper....
Don't bother calling the outlets unless you can pick up your item in person (or send someone to do it for you). The Coach outlets will not ship under any circumstances.
I recently spoke to a Coach outlet store on the phone and they said for sure that they have no scarf print bags at the outlets, just so you know. I have seen these bags in person, and also have many Coach bags, and besides the low starting price, the links that you posted seem to show authentic bags. Maybe you could email the seller and ask for more pictures, but I have a feeling that these bags would be pretty hard to fake this well. Maybe the price is so low because the bags are used.
OMG OMG OMG Blackbutterfly thank you SO MUCH! I called that number and they did still have one! I ordered it and it will be here in 4 to 5 days!!!! Im so excited I could cry :smile: