How to find a good pair of jeans?

  1. hey ladies would some advice on finding a good pair of jeans
    what to look for, wash etc... do not care about brand right now, just one that would look good on me.T.I.A :smile:
  2. Clinton and Stacy on "What Not to Wear" usually suggest going with a dark wash as it slims the legs. They tend to suggest a mid-rise and a straight leg a lot too.

    In my experience after I have tried on a million pairs of jeans I find a style that works okay. I then buy several pairs. It's such an excrutiating experience for me.
  3. I finally put my mind to it and went "jean shopping". Researched some brands online and went and tried them on. After I found a couple of styles that fit me, that's pretty much all I buy whether online or in the store...
  4. Well, step 1. Try the jeans on. step 2. if it flatters your body and looks good proceed to buy it. :confused1: sorry I just don't get this question, there's no real science to finding good jeans besides trying them on and seeing what's best for you!
  5. I'm guessing you're in nyc? Go to Atrium on broadway, the salespeople there are AWESOME :smile:
  6. You're just gonna have to go to a store with a great selection and try on tons!
  7. You first need to know what type of jeans you want, meaning style.
    Straight leg or pencil jeans are popular right now and so are wide legged.

    I Love J brand jeans, great fit and decent price. Great quality too.

    A lot of my 7 for all mankind jeans ripped!! And Citizens of humanity are great too! Good luck.
  8. I've found Paige Hollywood Hills to be so flattering on most body types. A pair of Paige HH in lagoon is great all around pair. I think they're temporarily sold out, but worth the wait.

    If you are shy, I would order 2 sizes of the same pair from Revolve, and return the one that doesn't work. That way you can avoid feeling uncomfortable, and can really take your time deciding which looks best.
  9. I've really found that I look good in Paige Denim as well, but in the Laurel Canyon fit. I would never go on size when buying any jeans or clothes for that matter. Everything fits our body differently in various brands. I like the Paige because it fits snuggly and flatters my body.

    I also like Victoria Secret jeans. I believe the brand is London Jeans. They have a lot of flattering styles to choose from that make your behind look nice and legs seem longer!

    I hope you find the right jeans and go for them!!!
  10. Ditto. You have to try each pair, b/c the fit differs from style to style even by the same maker.
  11. Take a good friend who you trust will be honest with you. Then when you try stuff on she can help you assess what looks better on you....especially because the butt view is so important!

    If you go for jeans with stretch in them, know that they'll stretch out after a few wears so go smaller than you think.

    Avoid muffin top - buy what looks best, not what size you think you are (this may not be an issue for you, in which case you're lucky!)
  12. agreed!!!! and something that flatters your bottom whilst you're at it :p

    - if you dont fancy tapered jeans then straight cuts are always flattering
  13. Try them on and ask for the advice of the SA. I have seen jeans online that I thought would look great on me and they turned out looking hideous. And then the ones that looked good I never would have guessed.
  14. thank you so much for your responses.i will take heed:smile:
    & post pics soon.
    thanks again!
  15. My best advice to you would be to visit a store that specializes in denim. The salespeople should be quite knowledgeable about what fits and cuts should look best for your body type. At least, this has been my experience at specialty denim stores where I live :smile: