How to explain to unreasonable seller?

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  1. Hello everyone!
    I know this isn't bag related but I don't know where else to post. I just won some breeches on ebay for $38. The seller sent me an invoice with international shipping - she's in the US I'm in Canada, but when I go to pay it says her preferences don't allow payment from my account. Because my account although the address is confirmed and I'm verified, is not US based. I tried explaining it to her and then sent her a link with a similar situation. That buyer was trying to have that seller ship to an unconfirmed address in the states when his account was in Singapore. I just want her to ship to my actual address. :Push:

    This is the response she gave: (bold is her, italic is me)

    Hello! I am not sure what the problem is because I have sold several items in the last couple weeks plus another one just last night and have not had any problems with PayPal payments. Can you call PayPal and talk to some one on the phone and find out exactly what the problem is? I think that would help. Let me know what happens, --Karen

    I believe the problem is that you have your paypal preferences set to deny non US based paypal account payments. I did a search in the help forum and this is what came up:

    Have you recently sold anything outside the US? This will help give an indication. It should be pretty simple, just a box to check in your preferences. :smile:

    IS your account US based? I read the thread for the link you provided me and according to ALL the replies, it is YOUR account that must be US based and needs to be authorized on your account as such. I will NOT change the preferences in my account to non US. I will not accept money orders or checks, it must be a US PayPal account in order for you to have bid on this item. If I do not receive a PayPal US payment within the next 24 hours I will be forced to cancel your bid and offer the item to the second highest bidder.

    This is just one of the many replies on that thread:

    "I had the same thing. If you lift the block and ship to an address that is not confirmed on his Paypal account, he will be able to file a chargeback. Paypal will refund his money without an investigation because you did not ship to the confirmed address. The only workaround is for your buyer to get the U.S. address confirmed first, then make the payment."

    I sent the thread to you so that you could see what the actual problem is, not because the situation is anything similar to ours. That buyer is in Singapore, shipping carriers will not even insure to Singapore. I am in Canada. It's bit different. What needs to be done in order for us to complete the transaction is that YOU need to change your preferences to ALLOW payments from international sources. You don't need to switch to some other country's version of paypal, and you can't do that anyways. The error message indicates that the permissions issue is with your account, as well as the actual postings. I am not asking you to accept money orders or cheques, I am asking you to accept paypal payment from my confirmed and verified Canadian paypal account. I can pay you in US dollars, but I can't pay you at all if you don't accept payments from Canadian accounts. I don't understand why your shipping calculator would have an option for international shipping, and then you would write me saying I have to have a US based paypal account in order to pay you? It's not like I can move to the States and open one. :P And why would I file a chargeback for $38 breeches - look at my feedback and the items I am selling, I have years of 100% positives selling thousands of dollars of merchandise in single transactions, I even have more feedback than you do.

    Erm, I have bought and sold thousands of dollars worth of stuff over the last few years without 1 negative, and she thinks I am going to attempt to file a chargeback for $38 breeches? :confused1: Does anyone have any idea what this seller is thinking and how I should proceed with her?

  2. When I was in Europe I had US sellers tell me the Paypal fees are higher for int'l payment receipts. And paypal requires a confirmed address for seller protection, which you didn't say you have.
  3. shipping carriers do insure to singapore. :yes:

  4. Canada post doesn't. :sad: I just shipped a Chloe Edith there maybe a month and a half ago and insurance wasn't an option even though the base shipping cost was almost $200.

    ^^ I did say my address is confirmed. No response from her yet anyways! I guess I just don't appreciate being all capped and treated like a liability when I am the buyer. What happened to customer service?
  5. Sorry I missed that, I just saw where you said your account was verified. As far as I know, if the seller didn't specifically state no international bids in their auction, you can report them as a non performing seller, but you can't force them to complete the transaction.
  6. that sucks... :sad: what about third party insurers? some sellers whom i buy from regularly use auctiva to insure first class mail international, and sites like for better value postage and insurance for international packages (priority is usually slower than first class mail for some reason, double the cost and has even lost one package of mine before, first class has never lost a single one). would there be an equivalent for canada?
  7. btw, i'm also in a similar boat except that my seller is totally MIA. hasn't invoiced me since the end of auction 6 days ago. prior to that we had communicated and seller was agreeable to ship to singapore. i've requested for invoice 3 times, because it won't let me pay without shipping details. no reply no nothing.
  8. my invoice has come! :biggrin: hope your situation gets resolved soon!