How to Establish a relationship with a SA ?



Yeah, but the problem is that I'm 20, and sometimes I've the sensation that they don't consider me just because I'm young. maybe it's a problem of italian 's SA's, here in Italy sometimes they treat you as not a customer but only as a "buyer"... do you understand me?
I'm italian and I kwow what you are saying...In Italy sa are very particular..They want just sell to you and if you can't buy a lot, they are not interested to be friendly with you..they are snob!! In other countries sa don't judge you..they are not interested just to sell you but they are proud to help you!In a London boutique sa said to me when bags goes on sale while in Italy just to ask the price not reduced make sa very boring...


Nov 22, 2006
Pick the one you plan on going to more often and visit them once. It only takes one and then you can continue to order from them over the phone. This is what I've started doing and so far it's worked well for me (since I'm 3 hrs away from my closest). She's always nice and sends a card and such with each purchase. :yes:

Thanks.. I will be sure to do that next time I'm at my local LV.


Jun 14, 2006
Gio86, are u born in year 1986? me too :yahoo: So i had exactly the same problem as yours! Yup S.A. will look down at us. But if i live at Italy, it will be harder to handle i guess. Yep,we couldn't fight for better services with rich and mature costumer YET. But don't worry, i think when S.A.s there seeing you often, it will gettin' easier for you. Not necesserly purchasing something to make relationship with an awesome S.A.:smile:

I just got into "their" circle lately too. They start to say sumethin like "Honey" or "U look cute today wearin' a bandana" hahaha. I prefer the smaller LV at departement store, because i was treated unpolite too at bigger store ( but there's couple S.A. that i :heart: there). Just simply ask their name, chattin' for a while, give them some compliment, exchange info about LV products, window shopping and visit them more often, basically treat them as a friend too;)

You can make it, hehehe! Go Gio Go:wlae:

Apoligizing for my english too, my writting is suckz:roflmfao: hehehehe
exactly! they look down at you in a very rude way sometimes, also if you are "dressed up" for the visit.
and they think you can't afford buying Louis Vuitton because you are only 20. but the point is that a SA shouldn't think about your economical situation IMO.
I would like to find the right SA for me and I would like to have a smaller store here in Milan.

Do you think it's unpolite to ask for the card?

thank you soo much

and Ciao a tutti for the italians Tpforumer


Oct 20, 2006
here in singapore, the SA dun give out namecards thou

n i find that the older looking SA dun really bother to serve


Oct 7, 2006
i was in Venice last summer and my shopping experience at the D&G and gucci store was amazing, i've bought a tshirt, a shirt and a belt in the Dolce and Gabanna store and my SA was VERY kind. same thing at the Bally store.



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Sep 10, 2006
Scottsdale, AZ
You could ask: do you have a card, instead of: can I have your card? If they say no they dont have a card, you won't seen rude.

Since I joined tPF, I wondered how others did this too. I had been into LV a bunch of times, and sometimes recognized ppl, sometimes I didnt. One time I called, and a nice young guy answered the phone and held somethng for me. When I went in to the store, he was really nice, but there was a problem with the item, so I called him a few days later so see if they got another one in. He started calling me and telling me when they got a return or if he had an idea of something I may like. He's very friendly. Now he calls me every few days. It was cool, b/c he's in college, and what he's studying is in the field I am in, so for xmas, I brought him a stack of books from my work (we publish books amongst other things) I thought he could use, and he loved them! He's not the manager or anything, but he is very sweet, and I am glad to help him out with commission!

Also, Couturegrl is very good at this. She is very friendly, and asks tons of questions. She asks everyone their name. She is not pushy, but she acts very interested in everything they say, so everyone knows her.


Jun 14, 2006
^LOL I am annoying!!!!!!

They are probably like "THANK GOODNESS!!!" when I leave!!

I don't think so :smile:

thank you everybody sooooooo much for everything.
i'm going to LV to buy a pair of shoes and maybe a keeppall :smile: :yahoo: :yahoo:


Apr 24, 2006
I would say just being a consistent customer that is polite and has an easy candor and repore and having the money to spend probably doesn't hurt either.


Jun 4, 2006
Yeah, but the problem is that I'm 20, and sometimes I've the sensation that they don't consider me just because I'm young. maybe it's a problem of italian 's SA's, here in Italy sometimes they treat you as not a customer but only as a "buyer"... do you understand me?
I feel ya! The first time I stepped foot into my local LV store was at age 17 (I'm 20 now too!). The man was like...silent...the entire time I was there, no small talk, no smiles, blank face, nothing lol. Also, I'm a short (5'2) girl which I guess makes things worse lol, but don't worry, just keep on buying things and SHOW YOUR FACE!!! Wear something unique/unusual/weird which will surely catch their eye and they'll remember you for a long time lol. Also, very important is to choose the right TIME to shop. I always TRY to go in the morning 10-11am, when there are less people and you'll get more attention this way:biggrin:.
I personally got close with my SA because I've shown her that I know MORE than her about LV. She even told my dad (who told me later) that I know more than all their employees (thanks to tPF :biggrin:). So I guess when you surprize them with your knowledge, they will know their place and look UP TO YOU! Anyway, Good luck with your shoes and keepall!:biggrin: