How to Establish a relationship with a SA ?

  1. Hello guys, I'm a boy from Italy, i've read tons of your posts and stared at yours collections...

    well... firstly, i'm sorry for my english, secondly I would like to know everything about how to get in touch with a Vuitton SA.

    I'm a great Vuitton Fanatic, well I'm not a big collector, i've just bought something like 9 or 10 things, but the problem is how to have a "connection" with the SA's...

    Here in Milan there are only 3 big stores with a lot of Sa's, it's impossible to talk and ask infos everytime to the same person.

    So everytime I've to say that i'm a customer, I know the procedure and this sort of things.

    I would like to establish a sort of collaboration with a SA, but I don't know how.
  2. you buy from one person. make someone laugh, ask them for help, see if their personality suits yours, (ould they pick out the right things to suit you if you weren't around?), and just keep buying....that's the easy part! My SA and I get a little goofy. Im a little kid when i step foot in that store! No pretense, to airs, just happy on my cloud. She understnds that and goofs arounds with me
  3. Yeah, but the problem is that I'm 20, and sometimes I've the sensation that they don't consider me just because I'm young. maybe it's a problem of italian 's SA's, here in Italy sometimes they treat you as not a customer but only as a "buyer"... do you understand me?
  4. I think you need to

    a) ask for their business card next time you buy and remind them that you'll remember them

    b) call them up if you want to reserve anything, use their name and make sure to repeat yours

    c) next time you plan to go ask when they are working, complimenting them on their nice service and you hoped to deal with them again

    d) go on the day they are working, bring the piece you bought from them so they associate your buying with you

    No matter what manners and consistency speak louder than youth. :yes:
  5. Si, we understand you.:yes: :yes:

  6. just make friends, and go to them all of the time...
  7. thank you soooooooooo much for your suggestions : I'll do everything you told me ASAP
  8. Ciao Gio, greetings from Italy too! :smile:
    I think it's because it's Milano's store where people spend a lot more than, for example, the store in Verona!
    SAs in Milan are very posh IMO and also where I live (Treviso) too, because where there is rich people they consider good customers just those who buy A LOT, not someone who buy 2/3 pieces each year. I'm 25 y/o and I totally understand what you mean for being treaten differently for your age! I think it's something typical here in Italy!! :sad:
    I can suggest a trick if you would like! When you find a nice SA try to make he/she laugh, ask her name. Then next time you would like to purchase anything phone before you go and ask for her/him, they will tell you when he/she is in the store and you can try to start the relationship. But I'm afraid it's something that needs to spend a looooot of money, especially in Milan!
    If you have the occasion go to Verona's LV, the service is lovely! :smile: PM if you need anything ;)
  9. Exactly, SA's in milano seems quite unpolite.

    I mean... it's true, since i'm only 20 it's impossible for me to buy Vuitton's trunks, but i've spent money, and i dindn't buy only a porte-cles !

    The problem is that I live in the centre of Milano so it's not so useful to go to Verona, but I will try it :smile:

    Thank you so much Alice

    quasi quasi un pm te lo mando :biggrin:
  10. Gio86, are u born in year 1986? me too :yahoo: So i had exactly the same problem as yours! Yup S.A. will look down at us. But if i live at Italy, it will be harder to handle i guess. Yep,we couldn't fight for better services with rich and mature costumer YET. But don't worry, i think when S.A.s there seeing you often, it will gettin' easier for you. Not necesserly purchasing something to make relationship with an awesome S.A.:smile:

    I just got into "their" circle lately too. They start to say sumethin like "Honey" or "U look cute today wearin' a bandana" hahaha. I prefer the smaller LV at departement store, because i was treated unpolite too at bigger store ( but there's couple S.A. that i :heart: there). Just simply ask their name, chattin' for a while, give them some compliment, exchange info about LV products, window shopping and visit them more often, basically treat them as a friend too;)

    You can make it, hehehe! Go Gio Go:wlae:

    Apoligizing for my english too, my writting is suckz:roflmfao: hehehehe
  11. i dun think age is matter gio... i started to buy LV when i was 21 and all of the SAs from the store where i bought know me and we hav gud relatrionship with them even thou i hav my own personal SA eveyrtime i visit LV. Good luck with that :smile:
  12. This thread could be useful. I need to findmyself an SA too. I been purchasing my LV through eluxury.. all the other times that I actually purchased from a sotre was when I'm on vacation. I tend to pick up an LV everytime I go on vacation. Most recent was a Loopin mm in Vegas. I think I jsut need to stick to one store. Only problem is they don't have a LV boutique in my city. CLoset one is 1.5 hrs away. Any other suggestions??Thanks.
  13. Ciao!! Comme va??

    Yes. SA's in Milan are very snobby and unpleasant especially in Galleria!! Try to ask someone during shopping for visit card.
  14. Pick the one you plan on going to more often and visit them once. It only takes one and then you can continue to order from them over the phone. This is what I've started doing and so far it's worked well for me (since I'm 3 hrs away from my closest). She's always nice and sends a card and such with each purchase. :yes:
  15. Find that one SA you feel you have a "connection" with and just start to buy from her/him from now on. It took my SA the 3rd purchase to finally remember my name. I go to her all the time when I want to browse or purchase some LVs. I always ask for her when I call the store for some info. She always teases me how I know more info than everyone in store because of tPF. :shame: And just remember, a little Xmas gift or thank you card for your SA doesn't hurt either. :graucho: