How to entertain a baby

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  1. Specifically one who is three months old. He loves his play mat but gets bored after awhile..I baby wear and so he gets to constantly look around plus we do the usual interaction (making him laugh, talking and singing to him, etc)..just trying to find ideas of other ways to entertain him and thought the mamas here would have good ideas. :smile:
  2. 1st of all, that avatar is ADORABLE!!! :cloud9:
    hmmm. . . swing? The toys they play under? And I'm sure I'll get flack for this but I put my babies in a bouncy chair w/ Baby Einstein on, only for 15 mins though. But they all loved it!
  3. the mats with the hangy things above it r great!
    and the swing is awesome as well.......lots of walks out side in the stroller as well
  4. I remember when my DS was this age. I thought the same thing. Really you are doing all you can. You could do walks to through a park or something but there isn't much you can do ... they just coo and smile at this age! It's great!
  5. Sometimes babies look away and can seem bored when they are over stimulated. My best friend was always trying to entertain her daughter and thought she was bored when the baby would look away or seem uninterested and she was doint too much. So maybe chill time in a swing would be good or out for a stroll where its not the same repetitive peek-a-boo
  6. i dont have additional advise to add but i cant get over ur avi. too precious
  7. At that age, you are pretty much doing all you can. Try to play some music and sing. I tried to read to my daughter and point things out, but she could really only sit for one or two board books.
  8. Thanks everyone! Oh and I love that pic of him sleeping too. :love: He does like the Baby Einsteins CD's and sneakily looks at the tv when he can lol. Maybe I will try the few minutes of Baby Einstein DVD's...the play mat with the toys is usually what we do so good to know it works for others. Has anyone tried those black and white drawings that they supposedly like looking at?
  9. DD loved her bouncer at that age, and still likes to hang out in occasionally in the mornings, even now. We would pretty much rotate between the activity mat, bouncer, walking around the house, etc. when she was 3 months, then try out the Bumbo for a few minutes when she was a bit older... Then we would do outings in the afternoon - run to Target, etc. so she was in the stroller then.

    Now we've added a jumperoo in, which she LOVES - we got that when she was around 4 months old. (She was supporting her head, could sit up if you are assisting her, & rolling over - so I think the requirements are that they have enough strength to hold themselves up in it, which your LO should be able to in about a month... they change so quickly!) If she's on her activity mat I give her different toys to play with, and I remember when she was around your son's age, I would prop a hard paged book open so she could study the pages if she was doing tummy time. (Now she'll flip the pages! So big changes as far as what they're interested in doing the next few months.)

    Oh, one of the May 2010 mommas posted this link to a great black & white image baby video, I'll see if I can find the link to it. She really liked looking at that. We also had a book that had black/white/red images in it, that she liked at that age too. So yes, I do think there is something to the black/white/red images thing.

    I know what you mean about wondering if they are bored, but trust me... enjoy it, I think the change from 3 months to 4 months was big, as far as the amount of activity that she did with playing with things, etc. Before we know it, they'll be up & running around... and I'm sure we'll be wishing for these days again! :biggrin:
  10. swing, outings to park, gymboree or other baby classes, playdates with friends and their kids, baby videos, disney movies, jumparoo at 6 months old, tunnel to climb through, teething toys
  11. Lol, after my first I do nothing to "entertain" when they're that young.

    They're soaking up so much just being out of the womb and watching us; there's really no need to "entertain" like we think.

    AND you should be enjoying the relative ease of this time bc soon enough he'll be pestering you for stories, playing together, seeing baby movies on endless loop....

  12. I totally agree with this statement! I also felt like it was hard to entertain my daughter at that age, but at 4 months they really start to be able to play themselves.

    Here is the video! I had originally posted it. My LO loved it, she would get fussy when she got bored, and she calmed right down when I put this on for her.
  13. In addition to the playmat with the toys that hang down, I spend some time with my son on a blanket on the floor in his room. We'll do some tummy time, then some time on his back. I put a few toys around the floor around him, too. We listen to music. I'll read to him and sometimes he'll reach for toys. He'll "work" for awhile on his belly but then I give him some downtime on his back. If he's not reaching for toys and wants to just lay there and look around, I take it as a sign that he needs a break and to just let him lay there and absorb things. He'll look around happily and always lets me know when he's had enough.

    Other than that... I just change things up a lot when one thing isn't working. Fussing when he's sitting up? Okay, I'll put him upright against my chest. Oh, this book is boring? How about Sophie the Giraffe? If he gets very fussy he either needs some quiet time or he's hungry or tired.

    They're at such a fun age right now! Learning so much every day. Just a couple weeks ago my guy wasn't reaching for toys and could only coo a little bit, and now he just talks talks talks and is constantly reaching for toys, grabbing them, putting them in his mouth, etc. But I like how much he still cuddles, haha.