How to eat aloe?

  1. I went grocery shopping a couple days ago and got some frozen aloe because I remember reading somewhere that aloe is a healthy snack. I tried it today and it doesn't taste like anything and I'm wondering how I'm going to finish the whole bag! It doesn't taste bad, it just tastes like nothing.

    How do you eat your aloe? And what is it good for? Should I just add it when i make my strawberry juice/smoothie?
  2. I've never used frozen aloe but you just gave me an idea as I have aloe plants and a ginormous aloe stalk in my fridge right now. I just might cut it up into small pieces and freeze it.

    Okay, I put aloe into my tea when I drink it. It's good for indigestion. I always remove the pulp from the skin as the skin is bitter. I also rub aloe vera all over my body a few times a week. It speeds up the skin's healing process. I use it on my face as well. It's great for calming any small red acne bumps that occur during that 'time'. A little thing I do and have taught my DD to do is to apply aloe vera to elbows, knees, the decolletage area, around the eyes and on the back of my hands. All those areas show a woman's age and I feel that aloe's naturally healing properties are a good option for keeping the skin around those areas looking healthy, young and supple. You could do that with yours, in addition to popping a few in your mouth each day.

    I like your idea of throwing your aloe vera into smoothies, it can't hurt. You can also rub the frozen aloe vera on your scalp and on your hair strands. It'll be cooling on your scalp, and if followed with a scalp massage, helps blood flow and improves hair growth and overall health. As for your tresses, aloe vera juice keeps hair (as well as skin) moisturized. Rastas use aloe vera as shampoo for their tresses. I am currently using Nature's Gate aloe Vera shampoo as a phthalate free option.

    Hope some of the above will prove helpful to you.
  3. Thanks for all the info! You should totally cut it up and freeze in ziploc bags if you don't think you will be using it soon. Ive been breaking out recently and also in the sun more so I will start putting some on my face. I'm gonna try the smoothie thing soon bc I don't think I'll eat it by itself..

    Are you Just adding the juice to your tea? I get indigestion quite often for some reason.
  4. I get the herbalife liquid aloe, it even comes in flavors. I can mix it with anything. It taste just fine w/water or I add to smoothies, juice.........whatever. It's even fine plain if you just want to get it down quick.